MK ULTRA PROJECT : Electronic Harassment and Mind Control & Public Disclosure Notice & Sonic Weapon Warning

Electronic Harassment and Mind Control & Public Disclosure Notice & Sonic Weapon Warning

E-POSTA : mindcontrolinformation

Certain groups have the ability to monitor your thoughts, speak to your mind remotely, and apply energy to your brain in an effort to make you feel a certain way or motivate you in a manipulated direction. All of this is done wirelessly from a distance with directed energy.

A great deal of people have complained to authorities about this only to be turned away without a report or documentation, or direction to go for assistance. In fact, they have been made to look delusional to legitimate law enforcement organizations and doctors, and mocked by them for seeking help and warning them and the public of the existing dangers.

The attacks begin and are disguised with the symptoms of a “Mental Illness.” People that are targeted are provoked, informed they are being targeted and then left helpless to explain to family, friends, law enforcement and doctors that they are the victim of a psychological attack with a weapon the public is not aware of.

Intelligent targets look to the internet for answers to discover they are the recipient of “Electronic Harassment”. EH is an attempt to describe the attacks as harassment, when in fact it is an attack with mind control exercises embedded. Involuntary subjects are manipulated with directed energy weapons from afar to achieve unbiased results. Their intentions are disguised by appearing like a nuisance, Electronic Harassment, which distracts and misinforms the target and public that they hope to achieve total control of the ability to manipulate your mind as they please.

In an effort to further disguise the intention of Mind Control, some of the source of the attacks are attributed to “Gangstalking”, which is the false belief that a group of individuals is stalking, sabotaging and terrorizing your life. It is a good example of misleading or false information. Gangstalking is a major subject on the internet, when in fact it is a perpetuated falsehood. They have the ability to mimic voices and create sounds and use these abilities to construct uncomfortable scenarios with people within earshot, usually neighbors. They instigate disagreements and perceived conflicts, that cannot be resolved because they are an implanted figment of their imagination. Anybody that has access to a weapon of this ability, would never risk getting caught and exposed coming anywhere near someone they are targeting. The targeted person is unaware of the capabilities, and assigns blame to gangstalking.

Electronic Harassment and Gangstalking serve to misinform the public and the Targeted Individual of the intention and source of the harassment. This prevents medical professionals and law enforcement from adequately addressing and assisting in the Targeted Individuals needs. Furthermore, the disinformation keeps the people responsible, the source of the crime, from being exposed, stopped and prosecuted.

Electronic harassment disrupts the flow of society and can incite violence. The number of domestic terrorism incidents has increased exponentially recently and are being conducted by American citizens rather than religious fanatics. The only thing capable of aggravating a person to a point where they would want to incur so much damage are directed energy weapons. These people, in essence, have been stripped of all that is important to them, their lives, are being held hostage and are going out in a blaze of glory because they have no place to turn. They have had their lives and dignity taken from them, and no one is available to help them.

As a result, the best and only defense against these attacks is a thorough awareness, sound understanding of the capabilities, a reliable supporting network and a free flow of information. Unwitting people can be rendered unstable, making society less safe for everyone.

What needs to be done is a coordinated effort to organize the victims into a group to rally lawmakers to make a difference and bring about change. People have tried long enough to individually bring about change to no avail. The people capable of making a difference will not do so until they are approached by strength in numbers, a group they cannot ignore.

Furthermore, the medical community is not appropriately educated as to how to address the needs of the people that have been targeted. Medical professionals are not trained to distinguish between mental illness and a simulated mental illness, so they end up incorrectly treating their patients.

One easy way to test for the difference between Electronic Harassment and mental illness, is to simply ask the person whether the number of different voices they hear at any given time varies. Mental illness can vary from one to five. Electronic Harassment victims, or targeted individuals, always hear 2 different voices constantly at any given time.

Should you encounter any of these issues, I have conducted a review of the related websites listed at the end of this blog. They provide as much information and advice as possible, but beware, in some cases way too much information. There is not much assistance available. Some of the information available on the internet is misleading, incorrect, intimidating and scary. It is important to read verified information, rather than speculation.

There are also online petitions and newsletters that can be signed up for to start getting involved. Please develop your own independent opinion by verifying what you hear before taking anything for granted. A web of disinformation and misinformation exists to confuse, terrorize and mislead. Some of the owners of the sites may be unwittingly spreading the wrong information and some may be planted to lead readers in the wrong direction.

What you need to know before proceeding:

  • Electronic Harassment is another term for attempted Mind Control. They are disguising their objective with harassment.
  • Gangstalkingand Organised Stalking is not real, a constructed perception, and an implanted figment of the imagination. No one comes remotely close to your physical location. Voices are mimicked and odd occurrences are claimed by your harassment.
  • Microwave burns are a ricochet off your brain and not a microwave potato gun hitting you through a wall next door. They trigger your brain to heat your body in strategic locations.
  • Any implantsfound are not necessarily associated with the harassment because everything is wireless. Not enough is known about the science to convince anyone effectively that it is related to harassment.
  • Intelligence Agenciesand the Government are not responsible for electronic harassment because of the liability. The blame or fault lies with private entities or contractor. The government may be complicit by ignoring complaints made by harassed citizens.


Associated Terms

Here is a list of associated terms to research to familiarize yourself with the issue:

· Electronic Harassment

· Targeted Individual

· Gangstalking

· Perp

· Mind Control

Redefining Associated Terms

A better way of understanding the the terms are shown below. I would change the terminology from:

  • Perps to Stalkers
  • Electronic harassment to Wireless Harassment
  • Gangstalking to successfully directed paranoia or Electronic Stalkers
  • Targeted Individual seems to be the best description

Sonic Weapon

The American consulates in Cuba were hit with the same type of weapon used or associated with “electronic harassment”. They complained of non-verbal attacks with a high pitch ringing in their ears. They classified the weapon as a Sonic Weapon and then backtracked by saying it wasn’t a weapon at all, but rather an insect.

I experience the same high pitch noise. Except mine goes far beyond that. The difference, is that they actually speak to me in an effort to get my brain to be more receptive to further attacks. Furthermore, they can and have made my eardrums rotate in circles, scraping the sides of my inner ear as they went around. It was excruciatingly painful. So painful that they called it “one of those times.” I usually threaten to go to the emergency room and complain of a Sonic Weapon when they mess with my ears. That seems to calm things down most of the time.

Recently, the news tried to blame the source of the attacks on crickets. The Asian governments has come out with an effort to utilize the technology to assist the public and their country. Our government, or the people responsible for the news, hides it and blames the attacks on an insect which is very disappointing.

Overall, the unwanted attack was not a Sonic Weapon or a cricket, but rather a Directed Energy Weapon that moves and operates at sonic speeds.

How to Stop Electronic Harassment

In order to stop Electronic Harassment, follow the web of disinformation and track the financial support. Then, connect the patents to the groups financing the flow of misinformation. Every website is full of misguided or misleading information to protect those that are responsible. Moreover, the conference calls are scripted and controlled by the moderator to monitor the subject matter and mislead targeted individuals. Hire private investigators to investigate the people moderating conference calls and website owners responsible for the false information. They promote useless and intimidating information, exposing themselves and leaving a documented path to the source of the harassment.

They are designed to act as a net of disinformation to keep those that are targeted helpless and confused. Track the bank accounts to monitor outside deposits and connect the patents to the people making the deposits. Investigating the sites and moderators can be done properly and successfully by a good private investigator or uncorrupted public administration.

Furthermore, the “TI Community” is set up as a peer pressure group to reinforce the false notions of gangstalking, implants, shielding and unconfirmed conspiracies. The conference calls and forums are full of people who are voraciously concerned and adamantly insist that gangstalking is real, implants are the source of the harassment and shielding actually works consistently over time. They quickly and viciously attack anyone who disagrees, and when all else fails, insist people with different opinions are working for the people responsible for the harassment.

The people responsible for Electronic Harassment work for private contractors so tracing the flow of funds generating the web of disinformation would give a clear and documented path to the structure their program and people paid to harass innocent citizens and ruin their lives. I look forward to the day that the intelligence agencies stop turning a blind eye, turn on the independent contractors and use them as an example by prosecuting them publicly.


For the past 18 years, multiple doctors have not been able to explain the source of the voices in my mind, the attempts at manipulating my mind and the physical pain associated with those voices. I have taken every drug recommended, listen to all of their advice and have not received any sort of relief or escape from the pain and harassment. My sister even went to medical school and became a psychiatrist to help investigate the unwanted incursion. I see other people in the news complaining of similar issues with no where to complain. I looked for a long time for an agency or group willing to listen, and stumbled blindly until I came across the term Electronic Harassment.

Electronic Harassment (EH) is a term used as disinformation to hide the true objective of mind control. Your brain and mind cannot be completely controlled voluntarily and they want you unaware of their ability to manipulate it. Thus, the pain and deception associated with EH. EH transmit sounds, thoughts and feelings into people’s heads remotely using a combination of sources. The source is a direct energy weapon combination using radio and microwaves. Electronic harassment is dismissed by psychologists and the medical community as being a delusional response to the torture. Complete mind control has to be done involuntarily. The incursion is initially euphoric but quickly sours and becomes painful and nightmarish. The list of symptoms are endless. They can see what you see, hear what you hear, talk to you and know what you are going to say before you say it.

They worked in phases with me. First with women and the second more painful with men. Both of which began positive but turned south with negativity. As with any new science and subject as complicated as the brain, they fumble through their exercises gathering mind control techniques when possible and then label or mask their screw ups as "electronic harassment". They make you very aware that the incursion is external as they strive to destroy your reputation by having you attempt to explain to people your experiences with the mind control harassment.

Electronic Harassment has to be explained in a manner you can comprehend and contemplate. Keep an open mind and consider the possibility because you can’t possibly truly believe until you experience it. They had to tell me over 1000 Times "you’re not crazy", every time I thought what was happening could not be humanly possible and that I could possibly be lost. Once you do you finally believe, it’s too late, as you have received a life sentence in a thought and mental prison. To kick a man when he’s down and can’t develop self or make an adjustment to correct the situation is just unforgivable.

I originally began writing this as a journal but realized that it was a breakdown of their attack techniques, one person’s version, that identifies tactics and illustrates defensive techniques to keep them in check, maintain your sanity and keep you out of a mental hospital or jail or from being homeless. If I sat down with you without a computer and explained electronic harassment symptoms to you, or a doctor, or the police, or the emergency room, or a friend, or coworker, or family, I would have zero chance of convincing you that it’s possible and that I am at target. There is so much information and history that it cannot be condensed into a concise summary and communicated in a short period of time. No 15, 30, 60+ minute meeting would be sufficient. The only hope is to accurately gather techniques, inconsistencies, an evolution of awareness, defensive mechanisms, etc. in an archive that other targets can confirm are happening to them as well.

Accepting the fact that this technology is possible, and being aware of their attack techniques, could be the difference between you surviving their attacks or ending up another statistic. Regardless, they will inflict irreparable damage to your life. You will have to find a way to endure the torture without having your life come to an end.

To the not yet targeted reader, please assume that EH may be possible for the purposes of this document. It will help you sympathize with Target Individuals (TI’s) and give you an in depth understanding of technology not yet available to the public

Interested readers:

  • New perps interested in tried and tired tactics and what to expect as far as resistance.
  • Targets
  • The government and foreign governments to know what is possible and coming
  • Doctors and psychologists
  • Universities that study the brain
  • Professionals exposed to the brain
  • Hopefully the emergency rooms, police and mental institutions
  • Conspiracy enthusiasts and theorists
  • General public if they find out more targets are involved in domestic terrorism

New TI Introduction

Congratulations on your detective work in discovering that what you are experiencing is not consistent with a mental illness. Initial reactions to the Electronic or Wireless Harassment lead the individual targeted directly to medical professionals for assistance. Of course, they are of no help because they have to recommend a regimen of psych drugs to address the voices you hear. No competent medical professional can let you leave their office without a recommendation for prescription for psych drugs so they can avoid any liability because the most current medical knowledge dictates that voices require a prescription for psych drugs. The medication is ineffective in assisting to alleviate the symptoms you experience, which prompts you to look to the internet for answers. You feel as if someone is trying to manipulate or control your train of thought, so you research Mind Control and discover the term Electronic Harassment. As a result, you have taken a huge step and have gotten further than many others.

Beware of the misinformation and disinformation that currently exists on the internet. Some of the information is incorrect because it is based on assumptions of unconfirmed theories. The other false information is released to misguide you and lead you in a different direction, away from the source of the harassment. Furthermore, a great deal of the information is scary because it is either unconfirmed or a conspiracy. The individuals who are targeted need to be very careful about what they read and believe on the internet. You can only trust information that you can confirm. Unconfirmed information can lead you astray, because they will use any fear, especially of the unknown, to manipulate and terrorize you.

Unfortunately, next you need to prepare for the absolute worst case scenario in terms of the degree of harassment. If you are not constantly learning, moving forward and staying ahead of the game, they will be able to take advantage of your daily habits and any ruts you fall into.

They want to see what effect they can have on human behavior manipulating it from a distance with negative reinforcement. They will move you from one side of the pendulum to the other and back again. They are testing human limits without having asked your permission and with no intention of compensating you for your time or damages. In order to do that, they have to do it from a distance.

They have some sort of vengeance with God. They try and attack the human part of you to see how far they can stretch your limits. They have no personal problem with you but want to control the gift that God gave you, life.


Credibility is the key to effective communication and it can not be achieved through frustration, irritated or agitated behavior, yelling, or discussing unconfirmed information. In this day and age, you are only as good as your word. Documenting unconfirmed conspiracies in an angry, frustrated manner only serves to discredit the message and remains

Attempting to express or illustrate a point in an aggressive, loud or agitated manner never effectively communicates that point and can often have a negative effect in achieving what you want to express. Keep in mind that you want to remain calm and not appear frantic, aggressively angry or frustrated in an effort to make sure they know the information is coming from a credible state of mind.

There is a natural tendency to want to believe a conspiracy to explain or point blame when faced with an extremely uncomfortable, unexplainable situation. Do not latch on to hope for anything unconfirmed or unproven. Do not assume anything and only believe what you can confirm or physically see. Gradually accrue a detailed log of detailed evidence, one confirmed piece at a time, to help explain the awful experience being endured

For instance, discrepancies with the characteristics of mental illness. Document as many discrepancies with reality as possible. If you are still in pain after seeing a psychiatrist, go to a medical as they would advise. If the pain persists after being evaluated by a medical doctor, find a pain specialist. Keep a list of the doctor’s name, date and time of the visit, receipt, reason for the appointment as well as the diagnosis or recommendations.

Electronic Harassment – More Descriptively Wireless Harassment

Change the terminology from Electronic Harassment to Wireless Harassment. It is a much more descriptive phrase because it mitigates misinformation (for example, implants), and is a more effective term to illustrate the threat to the average person. Electronic Harassment is misleading in the sense that one can assume the harassment is derived through a computer, electronic device or source that can be blocked easily and the issue resolved quickly. By using the phrase Wireless Harassment, one can understand easily that no one is outside the reach of the harassment, everyone is a potential target and no easy solution exists. Furthermore, understanding the delivery method is wireless can keep paranoid people from incorrectly assuming they have had devices implanted. Overall, Wireless Harassment describes the harassment more accurately, reduces paranoia from misinformation, and helps facilitate effective communication to friends, family and the rest of society.

Harassment Identification and Preparation

Abruptly, you’ve started hearing voices talking to you. Determine whether or not they are a mental illness or electronic harassment. Take both options into consideration. It can be difficult and a blow to your ego considering mental illness as an option. It is usually easy to detect, but can be difficult to know if they operate with precision. In either case, make an appointment with a doctor to get a professional opinion and take medication if prescribed to eliminate the possibility of the source being a mental illness. If so, the issue is being addressed. If the source is electronic harassment, you’ve covered all bases and balanced the chemicals in your brain with the medication.

Next, make sure you solidify relationships with the people close to you. Friends can provide much needed moral support and a person to confide in. Your family provides a fundamental moral backbone and can assist with finances in times of need. As far as work is concerned, prepare for an erratic schedule and have the ability to take some time off without losing your position. Consider part time work or disability through the doctor you have chosen.

Exercise is a healthy way to make you feel better. Make sure the body does not deteriorate because you neglect it by not adhering to your human needs because they make you feel tired, thirsty, lacking appetite, etc

Improve and maintain a pleasant environment

Eat well and maintain a healthy diet

Take vitamins and dietary supplements

Find hobbies and things you like to think about because positive thoughts make you feel good.

Track your sleep schedule

Listening to music releases chemicals in the brain which can be therapeutic

Start saving money as they plan to exhaust your resources through harassment.

Initial Stages

At first, they will try to talk to you in an effort to keep you calm. All of this can be a lot to handle. You will be in constant contact with them 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They will talk to and intermingle perceived external noises.

As you become more familiar with their capabilities, you will notice their ability to manipulate sound. They will use this to create a conflict with a friend, neighbor, work colleague or family member to create an environment of chaos and increase the likelihood of a traumatic experience. In those instances, people react in different ways under extreme pressure.

Gradually, they will want to speak for you verbally as you think. It starts with you hearing just them, then progresses to them voicing your thoughts internally. In other words, they attempt to narrate your thinking process in an effort to create a dependency in hopes of manipulating and controlling your reaction and leading you in a controlled direction.

Once they have establish the verbal narration, they will speak for you, mix in their interpretation or version and then quiz you to see if what was said originated from you or was derive by them. Thy can play this game for years by wasting your time and asking you the origin of the thought after each exercise. They string you along and keep you in a discussion by inquiring about the origin. One way around this is the concept of Individualism. That is, you are solely responsible for the outcome of the harassment and decisions thereafter.

In other words, what is important is the outcome of the thought, rather than if it was originated or constructed by you or them. In order to do this effectively, one must be at peace with oneself, be a good person and have a good heart. You concentrate on the implications of the outcome and whether or not your conscience can accept the outcome and live with the result.

As long as you are a peace with the fact that you are a good person, you can save time by just reconciling the outcome rather than the factors that contributed to it. And, when they steer the thought in the wrong direction, you can disengage because you have the confidence in yourself that you would never derive a negative thought in that fashion and arrive at that conclusion.

They are going to take your mind for a wild ride and you need to have the ability to stop and take an accurate and rational assessment of your surroundings and situation. Try to take the mature approach and focus on the implications of the outcome. Do not waste to much time trying to chase the origin or masked and deceptive intentions that led you up to this point. You must strive to be independent and self reliant, and maintain freedom of action over collective control. Practice self awareness in search of realization.

This concept of judging the concluding thought rather than the origin, I refer to as Individualism, because you become one with the harassment in the sense that you control the outcome. You scan the inputs and make your own conclusion. You are responsible for living with the decisions that are made. The ability to this does not happen overnight. You have to be extremely familiar with their games and yourself. You need to have the ability to be swept up completely, lose your orientation, break free at your discretion and land rationally. You need to be completely one with yourself to be able to let go completely and have the confidence that you will be the same person with the same principles after. Eliminating that fear removes their ability to manipulate you.


They begin talking to you looking for a reaction. They are looking for patterns and buttons to press. There will always be two people talking to you. They say that it is for your safety, but it is not. The device they are using is like operating a plane or a tank. There is a driver, and there is a gunner. One guy attempts to drive while the other fires. One of them will talk to you, and the other will attempt to speak for you. They will do this 24/7 in hopes of creating a dependency and that you get used to using your brain in that fashion. In my opinion, it is slow and an insult to my intelligence and a waste of time.

I highly recommend not talking to them, but rather ignoring them. It will not be easy, as they follow you throughout your day and witness each thought cross your mind. It is very easy for them to comment on something that interest you or have one of them attempt to verbalize a response to one of their comments. They will try and rope you into a conversation or argument. They will want to know everything about you and all about the many events that have shaped you.

That being said, in the event you do have to communicate with them, I recommend double meaning or statements. Satisfy them with an answer, but also take something away for yourself that applies to your situation. It keeps things constructive and intellectually stimulating. It also makes things more efficient because you can process more information. Further, by tying the subject matter to something relevant to your life or situation guarantees attention to it rather than getting sucked into an irrelevant back and forth on subject matter of no interest, which is a waste of time. You must strive to attend to your needs rather than theirs.

They will attempt to debilitate you into a flat position or environment free of external stimulus in an effort to create an unbiased sample. They will probe you and toss around subject matter with opposing arguments in an effort to create a mental path that can be exploited later by going back and forth. I will expand upon the ramifications of this later. At the same time, they gather information on your life to learn how you operate and determine what makes you tick. You end up in a concentration driven conversation with them in your mind. When the subject of the conversation randomly collides with the television, radio or print in the background, it creates an interesting event that needs to be analyzed further: Collisions with Social Consciousness. For example, when drawn into a concentration driven conversation with them in your mind and isolated from external inputs, I reach for a word or phrase, and before it actually hits my consciousness, I hear or see the word or phrase on television, radio or in print. The source of the word or phrase is completely independent, random and separate from my thought process and conversation, and always comes from something being viewed or heard by a large number of people at the same time (TV, radio, etc.). I believe that you could call this a collision with some sort of social consciousness . I make note of these occurrences (which often happen in increments of 3, and use them to reaffirm my position and guide me to make good decisions independent of any harassment or something that may be manipulated in my head.

Telepathy – Non-Vocal Communication

I still have a hard time grasping the reality of telepathy. I can communicate telepathically using my brain and they can receive those signals with their device. For instance, they can hear thoughts and see visualizations or mental pictures. And, they can communicate telepathically with me using a device to talk to me, make me feel a certain way, and put thoughts in my head or consciousness. They can stimulate all portions of your brain with energy wirelessly to activate basically anything your brain controls in your body.

So the possibilities are endless, however, they are sloppy in their methods and their inexperience often lead to a “comedy of errors”.

It takes a lot of time and coordination speaking telepathically to someone. I could feel it took a while for them to be satisfied with the way I was communicating with them. I could feel them directing me as to how they wanted me to speak to them. It’s very difficult talking to somebody without using your mouth. It took some time gaining coordination to communicate telepathically.

Until you get used to communicating with people telepathically, you verbally respond to them with your voice in a whisper or under your breath, until you get used to the guy on the right speaking for you. So the guy in the left talks to you and the guy on the right responds on behalf of you. What this allows them to do is slip with things in you wouldn’t normally notice or say, thus, an attempt to manipulate and control you. This increases up until the point where you are completely debilitated and in pain and then they just run over your head and mind with a verbal trash. You end up trapped in their conversation rather than in your own or in something that you would not normally be pondering on your mind. As soon as you get used to them verbally dictating your thoughts, they can use that to put words in your mouth. Eventually, you reach a point of singularity or individuality, where you stop deciphering the origins of the thoughts, and concentrate only on the outcome.

For instance, they’re going to say all sorts of things that may or not be true, and you concentrate on deciding whether or not what is said is accurate, honest and genuine. You don’t waste your time trying to decide whether or not the origin of the thought was you or them, but rather deciding on whether the end product or point is beneficial to you whether it came from you or from them. Your brain will eventually get to a point where it evolves, and this has only happened recently after 10+ years. You will be able to allow them to run over your head with irrelevant or dirty thoughts, and hear them but not process them. I termed this ability "Individualism". You almost stall your brain from processing until your mind is occupied with another random thought that comes into your consciousness. If that next random thought happens to be a feeling, go with it and concentrate on it until the previous thought dissipates. It’s almost as if you are encouraging your brain to take advantage of the short term memory loss in order to avoid wasting your time processing an external thought that is not relevant or beneficial to your situation.

Overall, it took a lot of time to learn how to communicate telepathically as well as learning how to diffuse the telepathic communication occurring with me.

Mind Tapping

Eavesdropping of conscious thoughts processed in one’s mind. The target is defenseless and unaware. Powerful groups are looking for permission to invade your privacy and exploit weaknesses.

In a poll conducted January 2, 2016, 56% of Americans wanted the government to eavesdrop on Internet activity to prevent terrorism. Terror is being used to instill fear into surrendering your privacy. Once your privacy has been removed, you are practically defenseless from their manipulative reach. Imagine the awareness from this capability. There is a huge push to probe the mind of every American- “screening" or "extreme vetting".

The government is invasive and incompetent. All this is recorded somewhere and is subject to hack. I don’t want my innermost thoughts and desires in the hands of someone who is not concerned whether it is accessible or not. Reminding yourself of your rights as dictated by the constitution and what this country was founded on, should keep you from voluntarily surrendering your privacy due to exaggerated fear.

Symptoms and Characteristics of EH

The have control of your brain so the symptoms are endless.

Typical things to make you miserable or control thought or action.

Hearing voices – Dramatic experience to start (always 2 voices that alternate every 4 hours).

Insistence that you are being harassed to the point where you tell family, friends, and coworkers.

They attempt to simulate bipolar disorder to start before moving into schizophrenia.

They love to attack and hurt the head, neck and stomach.

Perceived or constructed gangstalking. They will foster and promote conditions that lead to arguments with friends, family, neighbors and coworkers.

Short term memory recall is disrupted. Short term memory loss. Feeling as if you are in a tunnel in the present, temporarily blind to things in the past and future.

Appetite suppressant and weight loss.

Sleep deprivation.


Restless leg syndrome.

Common Misconceptions

Gangstalking is constructed.

The technology is wireless rather than an implant.

The signal is not coming from a tower or helicopter.

They see everything and only let you know what they want you to know.

Shielding and countermeasure are ineffective.

They never have your best interest in mind.

They are never going to leave you alone. You may think they have left, but they monitor you silently and come back.

They are not your friend. You are a job to them.

They don’t want you in a romantic relationship and strive to destroy friendships.

You will not be able to live a normal life.

They want complete involuntary control and any impression they give otherwise is false.

Microwave burns are a ricochet. They target your brain to heat your body in certain areas giving the impression that you are being hit directly externally.

Simple Mental Illness vs. Electronic or Wireless Harassment Test

Study – mental illness test versus electronic harassment. Send survey to incarcerated, isolated victims. Also, can be used for people complaining of Electronic or Wireless Harassment.

  • How many different voices do you hear at any given time?
  • Where do the voices originate or sound like they are coming from (can they be heard by other people)? And, where do the voices say they are coming from?
  • Did you ever have issues with any of your neighbors?
  • Did you ever feel as if someone was stalking you?
  • Does it feel as if someone is trying to voice or narrate your thoughts?
  • Are you often forced via pain, headache, nausea, etc. into either a flat or sitting position while you put pressure on your head to offset a swelling feeling? And, do you feel as if someone is running through mental exercises with you in an effort to look for ways of controlling you?
  • Do you feel sudden jolts of pain when it feels as if someone is frustrated or their efforts at manipulation have failed?
  • Do you experience more pain in your head, neck and stomach than you did previous to hearing the voices? Or, ever in your entire life?
  • Do you feel as if you are being coerced or forced into isolation from friends, family and work?
  • Do you have traumatic experiences with harassment during holidays, especially Thanksgiving and the Winter holidays?
  • Do you feel as if someone has control of every muscle and nerve in your body and they are mocking God by unraveling the normal and natural feelings other people take for granted everyday?

Use of Fear

As you recall and sift through the memories that have shaped you as a person, they gather information on all of the bad habits you have picked up, dislikes and fears. They take advantage of these as they see them as fair game. You need to quickly learn to teach yourself good habits, how to extract enjoyment out of things you haven’t liked in the past and overcome your inherent fears as quickly as possible. If you don’t face what scares you immediately, they will dance around the edge of it aggressively, making you as uncomfortable as possible until you take steps to avoid it. Often, this involves directly facing your obstacle or fear and overcoming it.

By not standing up to your fear, you allow them the power to leverage it against you, making you manipulatable. You must avoid giving them this power. The only way is to immediately stand up to what concerns you, intimidates you and causes stress. You can rip off the bandaid in one swift motion, or you can slowly and painfully remove it and at the same time extending and drawing out the amount of time you are uncomfortable and in pain.

You are vulnerable to attacks as long as that fear is present because feelings of stress are not valid unless there is stress or fear present. They are striving and looking for involuntary control. If you are able to overcome the fear quickly, that just leaves their physical feeling of stress (thus invalidating it), and you in a position where you would have to volunteer in order for their feelings of stress to be effective, authentic and realistic.

They are strictly looking for involuntary control. You must find ways to sabotage their efforts. One way to do this is developing the ability to quickly overcome your fears, which renders fear driven manipulation ineffective.

On a more positive note, aggressively pursuing your fears by facing them allows you to overcome them, making you a stronger, more well rounded individual. They force you to second guess poor decisions you have made in the past. Second guessing is a big theme for them. Moreover, having two people accompany you while you overcome fear facilitates the process because you are constantly striving to explain what you are thinking, what decisions you have arrived at and your opinions. They are not there to assist you, but their presence is oddly reassuring in the sense that you are teaching people how you think and reinforcing your persona with logical explanation.

Over time, you will encounter and run across all of your fears as you sift through your memories and they try to get to know you. The longer you hesitate and resist facing your fears, the more time you give them to use that as a source of stress. You must be strong and willing to face them no matter the condition, environment or time you happen to be in.

They are constantly looking for new sources of fear in an effort to operate negative thoughts or feelings with the perceived fear. Hopefully, in their eyes, you are constantly running from fear as they have something to target. Over a long period of time, or in my case, a 17 year period, they run out of material and resort to using pain as their fear factor.

They want to chase you. Don’t allow them the opportunity by running. Stand up for yourself and resolve the unknown as fast as you can. Engage them intellectually and let go knowing you control whether or not you will accept the outcome. This is the only way you can prove to yourself that you can never be completely controlled. This confidence fosters Individualism and neutralizes their use of fear, disengaging them.

Skewed Negative

Everything you derive pleasure from is a potential target for them. They run through exercises in opposites, running the brain from one side of the spectrum to the other. They want to determine what exactly sways your opinion and how much pain and discouragement is needed to sabotage it. You will soon learn that pleasure and comfort are a luxury as they systematically go through and attack all of the sources of happiness in your life.

I have learned, or come to the pessimistic conclusion, that I cannot look forward to anything like a date, television show, weekend, time with a friend, good meal, holiday, etc., without having to be prepared to lose the opportunity. Unfortunately, that helps reduce the heart breaking emotional fluctuations you undergo as they look for enough pain and discouragement to destroy your hope. I constantly remind myself that they aren’t my friend and are not looking out for my best interest.

Ironically, as soon as you give up hope, are very aware of there pessimistic nature and limited optimism, their hands are tied as the potential for a positive outcome no longer exists, which limits their ability to slide you from one side of the spectrum to the other. Eliminating pleasurable activities actually reduces the number of ways in which they can manipulate you. The negativity actually backfires in your favor. The secret is to dismiss the possibility of a positive outcome or event in your mind until you come within reach of realizing that goal. That way you don’t sacrifice anything and they don’t make you suffer in anticipation.

However, life consists of balance and you must strive to find new, unexpected sources of comfort and pleasure in order to avoid your efforts being sabotaged. Once they identify a source of pleasure, the order to sabotage is cascaded through the many shifts thereafter. You’re in a unique position in the sense that you are going to have to create and build in order to enjoy. It is not impossible, but involves you stepping out of your comfort zone to attempt something new and different. Keep things fresh because a rut is predictable and thus, manipulatable.

Manipulation and Influence

They try to use pain and discomfort to influence your decisions and make you as miserable and uncomfortable as possible.

They are very careful not to use pain to extort actions, but at times it feels close. The day that use force to get me to do something, is the day I report that to the authorities.

I had to resolve that If they ever used force to get me to do something or hurt anyone that I would sacrifice myself in order to prevent that from happening.

They are not looking for slaves, but rather people that they can control and manipulate without them knowing it or realizing it.

The problem is that it is so detectable and obvious that I just suffer all day while they experiment. It’s insulting to my intelligence.

They associate pain with action in an effort to discomfort, destroy and discourage.

They use discouragement and prevention pain which leads to very sharp frustration pain when they fail. Insert diagram here of gradual discouragement pain as the decision making process progresses up to frustration pain


All of the relationships in your life will be tested. Knowing this ahead of time helps you prepare for the stress and tension to come. You can strengthen those relationships so they act as a safety net to fall back on. If the relationships are not solidified, things can spiral out of control and they can work against you. For example, a friend may give you advice that is not relevant to your situation because of a lack of information.

Friends- Someone to talk to and get advice from. Provides a fresh environment and prevents falling into ruts.

Family- Source of friendship and financial support. Crucial to survival.

Neighbors- Be friendly but keep your distance. They can simulate noises and instigate disagreements with them making your environment stressful.

Employers- Source of income and an intellectual environment to escape to and keep you mind in use. You must derive a realistic reason for missing a great deal of time at work because of the harassment. For instance, debilitating neck pain from a car accident.

Colleagues- Need them to cover for you at work.

Doctors- Only complain of things they can help you with or address and never appear as a threat to yourself or anyone else in society.

Applying the Mental Illness Label

Most of the exercise you are forced to participate in have nothing to do with any type of mental illness. Their objective is to discredit you and make you appear unbalanced, unreliable and mentally ill to your family, friends, coworkers, employer, doctors, etc. They strive to document this by having you put on some sort of psychiatric hold so your future complaints appear delusional and will be attributed to a mental illness. On top of that, they will taunt you with pain, as they know there is nothing you can do to prevent it.

I recommend seeing as many doctors as you can, but be careful what you tell them. You must not indicate that you are a threat to yourself or anyone else in society. They will restrain you for evaluation. You must document and communicate as many discrepancies with mental illness as you can. If you do have to go to the emergency room, complain of physical pain and get that addressed rather than telling the doctor you hear people talking to you which could end up in a recommendation for psychiatric review.

I see a psychologist and take meds, but I only complain of physical pain to the doctor, as I feel that that is all I need the doctor’s help with. I take psych mess to ensure that I have done everything in my power to care of myself and make this suffering stop.

Gangstalking and Organized Stalking

Gangstalking and Organized Stalking is a symptom of paranoia associated with electronic harassment. It is, however, a farce designed for disinformation. Gangstalking is the deceptive term and technique used to sway and divert your thinking or attention from the original source of the harassment to a convenient alternative. Consequently, this leads to either an altercation or continued obliviousness. If the altercation is not resolved, the obliviousness continues and the targeted individual has the ability to spiral downward due to a lack of information. Not only is the deceptive technique used to confuse and disorient, it tarnishes the reputation of the targeted individual as they discuss the disinformation or misinformation with friends, family and authority figures.

Gangstalking, as associated with electronic harassment, is a farce term used to attribute blame on to some arbitrary convenience source. The term was coined by someone who didn’t know what they were talking about or who intentionally wanted to misinform the target or the public.

All claims of gangstalking with altercations with friends, family, coworkers and especially neighbors are a convenient and sane direction to project blame. These are in fact constructed scenarios with auditory hallucinations or sounds, reinforcing a false paranoia.

Targeted individuals should be aware of this in their journey sorting through reality from the constructed deceptive games played with their precious lives. They should examine relationships with a pattern of assumed friction or blame and not assign fault as they were perpetuated and constructed. I had multiple perceived exchanges with neighbors in three different apartments. Knowledge and awareness can keep a targeted individual out of the hospital and alive for that much longer

I know some Targeted Individuals may be offended by the fact that gangstalking is constructed, but I urge you to reconsider. Why would anyone risk getting caught by getting anywhere near you? They are more scared of you than you are of them. They are not hacking your computer, tapping your phone, or even stalking or following you physically. They have access to your brain which informs them of what is going on in your life and they can mimic sound to feel as if it is coming from within earshot. They are aware of your thoughts simultaneously with you because they are eavesdropping on your brain. They take advantage of odd happenings and make them appear as if they were coincidental or they are the source of the blame. They are trying to misinform and provoke you simultaneously.

The thoughts of Targeted Individuals are tracked by two people constantly. I noticed that they change shifts every four hours. The person on my left shifts over to the right and a new person arrives to the left. Targeted Individuals are stalked by a large number of people, however, they do it electronically and from a distance. They will continue to instigate confrontations with the people around you until you are aware of the extent of the technology.

The gangstalking voices mimicked are same as the ones they use to mimic your voice when they try to talk for you in your mind. They duplicate your voice exactly in an effort to speak for you in your mind and steer the subject matter in a controlled direction. However, before you were attacked, do you ever remember hearing your voice in your mind? They do it without you noticing and you adopt it because it is identical to your voice. Knowing that they can do that in an effort to speak for you, it is very easy to understand that they can mimic voices of your neighbors and speak for them. Once they successfully establish your neighbors voice, they exploit it to initiate disagreements and cause stressful incidents. In addition, they take credit for every unexplainable occurrence to make you feel as if you are helpless, physically being stalked and all of your rights are being trampled. They also love to take credit for all of your computer issues because they can rarely be tracked as to the source and explained, and it is simple to irritate someone who is frustrated with their computer


A simple example of how easy it is for the people causing the harassment to confuse and create controversy is as follows:

Imagine you are sitting in the living room of an apartment and you hear one of your neighbors walk by outside and say something. Right there, the voice is recorded for use in the future because they have the ability to mimic voices and project them into your head. After some time has passed, you will hear another noise outside of your apartment in the background. This time, they follow that noise with the mimicked voice they recorded earlier and voice content. The sound of the voice is controlled by them. In essence, they can use that voice to manipulate what you think you hear coming from outside. your thought? They can say provocative things to instigate disagreements between neighbors,


Another example occurs when they use low, muffled voices to deliberately make you think your neighbor is communicating or disturbing you through the wall of one of your rooms. They use the natural banging sound and then add mimicked voices to provoke and irritate you hoping to cause a confrontation.

So in theory, you can have issues directly with your neighbors through the wall and with neighbors walking by your apartment.

My Experience with Gangstalking

I started hearing voices while driving my car from San Diego to Los Angeles. I thought the voices were somehow broadcasting through the stereo. Then the television when I returned home. The people speaking directly to me had to repeatedly assure me that I was not crazy and that they were speaking directly to my brain from a distance. They seemed friendly at first, until they told me I was going to undergo a “Terror Makeover”, and things took a turn for the worse.

“Terror Makeover” – Transformation into something they can manipulate and control.

I have heard voices through, from what sounded like, the walls of my apartment. They can direct your attention as to a false source or direction from which they are coming from. They can say something and manipulate where they want you to think the noise or voice is originated. My mistake was not confirming the strange things I was hearing, but not seeing. That was where I was vulnerable. Once I got off track, I appeared delusional because I was trying to explain a distorted reality that deviated from what was really happening.

I have had Perpetrators stalking me by sending voices into my head via V2K for 18 years and counting.

I have had Stalkers next door at three different locations:

  1. Attractive female living in building
  2. Asian businessman directly next door
  3. Asian group of 3-4 young men below my apartment

Voices of a woman crying outside my apartment crying and the obnoxious sounds of the neighbors downstairs.

Voices all night from Asian neighbors in two different apartments. Believable because of the time difference between the US and China. Our evening here is usually daytime in China so it seemed plausible to me.

The above mentioned techniques were used successfully on me to make me look foolish. They were able to have me put on a 72 hour hold twice, and I had a restraining order issued against me due to the way I had behaved towards someone. Also, please note how easy it is for things to spiral out of control.

How to Stop Gangstalking Altogether

You can stop gangstalking altogether with a sound understanding of their capabilities because it illuminates and makes you aware of the ways they can deceive you. With time, you gain enough experience to decipher the origin of the sounds you hear and learn to dismiss anything that is unbelievable. Anything heard that you are not sure of, you confirm by communicating and inquiring by asking in a civilized manner to determine the true source. Life gets much less complicated when you eliminate the paranoia associated with Gangstalking by confirming what you are hearing that is making you paranoid. By following up and investigating the unknown, you keep potential controversies from festering into delusional problems. The longer it takes you to investigate, the longer it takes to unravel the confusion.


The use of implants as a delivery method is a paranoia driven falsehood being perpetuated on the internet. All of the harassment is delivered wirelessly. I have been harassed for 18 years and do not have any implants. I have never set off any metal detectors at airports or public places. Even if I discovered an implant, there would be no way of proving that it was related to the harassment or torture I experience.

I have considered all of the times during my life that I may have been vulnerable enough to have been implanted and found nothing. Neither during surgery or at the dentist. Even if you found an implanted device, it is more likely implanted technology from extraterrestrials than something to do with harassment endured.

No one has successfully convinced a judge that an implant was being used to monitor their thoughts and speak to them.

Overall, people struggle for answers while being introduced to and developing coordination with the new energy and technology. They stumble across the perpetuated falsehood that the source is some sort of implant and waste time and money chasing down the unproven information and conspiracies. Don’t give in to the paranoia and disinformation and remember that everything is wireless.

Memory Games

One of the exercises they play with is memory loss. After processing a thought, they can manipulate your ability to remember temporarily until you either forget it, recreate the thought, or recall something similar or related that assists in recovering the memory.

They put you in essence into a thought tunnel that prevents you from seeing other thoughts. You are not looking at the past nor the future, but stuck in the present. It does not allow you to remember without some sort of assistance which I call memory strings (an associated thought that assists in recollection). You can feel yourself and the thought slipping from grasp until you have no recollection or chance at remembering without some sort of assistance. Your head and memory get foggy until your mind is totally blank (in a tunnel with no ability to see outside).

You do not actually totally forget, rather than undergo short term memory loss, which puts you in a foggy tunnel blind to the thought that just occurred. At that point, you either need to forget about trying to remember, recreate the thought completely or recall something (string) that allows you to recover the thought. Use memory strings to recall important thoughts.

As you go through your day and thoughts sift through your mind, think efficiently. Process, resolve and then forget. They will be chasing you the entire time. There is a different feeling associated with each of these actions. You can feel your mind in action as it is processing, you feel at peace resolving it, and you forget what is not important.

Tools to Elude Exercises

“Steam” – Reorganize the stream of conscience to make sense to improve efficiency. For example, moving the afterthought to the front of the thought to make chronological sense even though all parts were not derived in that order. I will expand upon this later.

“Fork” – Continue thinking uninterrupted but with two things at once. They will hijack and attempt to monopolize your thought, but you can focus on something that interests you as they take over and dictate what they what you to think or feel. Refuse to let your mind get completely swayed by thinking of two things at once. I will expand upon this later.

“Steal the Putty” – Remove only what you want (the positive) from an incursion and attack. Only take what suits your interests. For instance, if they give you negative thought with a good feeling, disregard the negative and concentrate on the portion that feels good only.

“Individualism” – Concentrate on the outcome and do not waste time determining the origin of the thought. Mastery of this helps alleviate and minimize their ability to manipulate you with fear. I will expand upon this later.

“Hijack” – Take control of sudden bursts of energy with no direction or point. Further, use their ability to promote short term memory loss against them by ignoring what they say by not processing and forgetting it. If you fail to take control of the attacks, they will see it as an opportunity to walk all over you.

“Jinx/Curse” – I have consistently noticed that their efforts seem to be thwarted in one way or another by themselves. Most of the time when they come up short, it is because they have shot themselves in the foot in one way or another. Take advantage of the jinx or curse following their efforts. Give them the freedom to implode and corner themselves.

“Misinformation” – Don’t allow yourself to get drawn into their disinformation or misinformation campaigns. Stay focused and remember what set them off in the first place. The disinformation is designed to distract you from something they don’t want you to see or remember and misinform or leave the wrong perception or impression.

“Second Guess” – They will have you second guess every decision you make and have made in the past. Take advantage of the opportunity to add to your wealth of knowledge, but make sure it does not affect you negatively. Thoroughly look around after their influence to make sure you are maximizing what is best for you!

“Meditation and Chanting” – Concentrating and repeating words or phrases helps to maintain independent thought. However, it is a constant battle as you struggle to refocus every time your thought process is interrupted.

Streaming Thoughts

The art of taking an afterthought and moving it into position in a timely fashion in order to end your thought in the proper order. You almost reposition your thoughts in order before resolving to move forward to the next phase of thought. The advantage is that you have more meaningful thoughts because you can incorporate any afterthought organizationally by moving it into place before you finish the entire thought.

An afterthought that reorganizes all of your thoughts in the proper order. For example, placing a late thought in the order of development in your brain. Including late details in a thought in order to make the original thought more complete or detailed. Temporary abandonment of time in an effort to reorganize the sequence of thoughts in a more logical way.

They can use this to tarnish a good memory by reflecting on it in a negatIve light. You need to be aware of their ability in order to keep them from destroying good memories with a negative or painful taint.

Altering Memory

It’s possible to genuinely replicate memories if they are not true. They can’t implant new memories. However, they can instigate a feeling of déjà vu similar to a dream.

You can replay an occurrence in one’s mind and alter or adjust it (using streaming thoughts) but the subject always remembers what really happened. Not only can you physically feel it in your head when they alter it, you are aware of it psychologically when it happens. Their goal is a seamless transition so you can’t feel it physically or psychologically. The physical portion may be easier but the psychological portion is impossible. They may be able to put the thought there physically, but getting you to believe it psychologically is entirely different.


Using your subconscious thought to circumvent monopolized conscious thought. The technique allows for freedom.

When you have a thought instantaneously they play it through their machine and through your mind again delayed, slow and digital feeling. It’s almost like you have to think the thought twice. They repeat it almost like you’re hearing the same thing twice. It’s very boring and inhibits creativity. One can use the fork technique to process something else while they hold your consciousness hostage and play their interpretation through your mind.

With the fork technique you process two things at once. Example, you realized during the mid attack incursion that the thought is not genuine, but rather fabricated and fake. That thought of falsehood is your mind on the other side, a rational one. How can someone fool you if you’re always aware and conscious of their constant incursion?

Individualism and Singularity

Individualism, which eliminates fear, is the art of becoming one with the external harassment incurred from mind control experiments. Is the one thing that has thrown a monkey wrench into their plans. You no longer seek the source of the origination of the thought, but rather concentrate on the end result. It saves a great deal of time, as you know longer have to spend time diagnosing a thought, but rather assess the outcome and move forward as quickly as possible. It takes a great deal of courage to surrender oneself completely while just monitoring the end results of the decisions you make. Individualism has sabotaged their attempts at manipulation and mind control. One has to surrender completely and have faith that they have what it takes to make the correct end result decision after they take the leap to singularity. It took me 15 years to gain enough confidence to make the leap. The main reason it’s so successful is that individualism illuminates the fear of one’s losing control of their thoughts or their mind. Without that fear, perpetrators have less to operate from.

The act of complete surrender with confidence that the final outcome can be controlled by the individual by studying the location of the final outcome rather than the origin. In other words, you have to have the ability to clearly and rationally evaluate the situation you end up in. Their harassment comes in the form of a 2 to 3 second rush or burst, but you have to have the ability to rationally and clearly view the point where you land after the rush. This opinion or evaluation has to be accurate, normal, and sane. If you’re unable to rationally land after the burst or rush, they branch off from reality and on a tangent in an effort to exert their psychological control, which can often lead to you looking on balanced.

Individualism takes courage and utilizes your experiences in the past to give you confidence that you can control the outcome of your thought process in the future. It allows you the ability to decipher between irrational and rational thoughts. And, it throws a huge monkey wrench in the mind game exercises that they run over and over again throughout your day.

The state that is achieved when you are able to completely surrender without fear to the harassment and wavelength they keep you on to track your thoughts. You do not spend time wondering about the origin of a thought, whether it was constructed internally or externally, and concentrate on the end result being something that you are satisfied with or requires more thought to arrive at a better conclusion. Achieving and acquiring Individualism requires confidence but allows for a more efficient thinking process. By abandoning the fear of the origin of the thought and concentrating on the end result being satisfactory or the best available outcome, you save time and reduce the amount of time your mind is "deciding” and thus vulnerable to external manipulation.

Achieving Individualism leads to the confidence that you can never be completely controlled under any circumstances. It eliminates the fear that you are ever going to lose complete control of your mind. You maximize the potential of your situation by becoming one, singularity, with the unwanted incursion while maintaining control of your ability to maximize the outcome.

Meditation and Chanting

Strive to maintain focus driven meditation to increase the amount of control over the subject of your thought. Chanting words and phrases interrupts their attempt to manipulate by rendering their mind control exercises moot. In order to be effective, complete concentration is required.

Completely concentrated phrases or words hinders or limits their ability to manipulate by utilizing prepared responses. The prepared responses prevent them from constructing a response that deviates from reality or personal opinion.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to maintain complete concentration with their attacks. There is a constant effort to focus on meditation and readjust after disruptions in order to get back on track. I find repeating words or phrases synchronized with my breathing seems to keep the harassment frequency the most stable and comfortable.


You would be surprised to know that the future of transhumanism is not what you would expect with a combination of hardware intermingled with human body. But rather, wireless enhancements and energy infusions to the brain. Think wireless rather than what foreign objects can be embedded in your body. I believe transhumanism will ultimately evolve into a combination of both, while trying to minimize the need for hardware.

With electronic harassment, the brain evolves from the constant bombardment of remote or wireless stimulus to get quicker. The transhumanist movement seems to be under the impression that humans will commingle or coexist with mechanical machines and sight prosthetic limbs and pacemakers as examples. However, what they failed to anticipate is that the use of wireless energy applied to the brain over a long period of time can have unintentional, permanent and positive facts. By involuntarily promoting "brain maps" by applying wireless energy to the brain over a long period allows the brain to not only be faster but in ways it hasn’t normally developed naturally. For example, viewing opposites and seeing both sides of an issue (with different issues each time) so often that the analysis becomes almost, if not, instantaneous.

The transhumanist movement is under the wrong impression about coexisting solely with a mechanical device, as it needs to think further ahead about the use of electrical stimulus applied wirelessly to the brain in an effort to support human function. Pacemakers are a good example. Instead of a mechanical device, what if your computer is connected to your brain wirelessly and can control it with energy. Then, it can monitor your heart rate and make adjustments as needed by increasing or decreasing the speed of your heart rate.

Targeted individuals have something positive to look forward to, a faster more evolved brain. I recommend researching on Google transhumanism and following Wikipedia links. From what I’ve read, the possibility of reading minds by neuropsychologist is being suppressed by the medical community and the doctors are being intimidated into not discussing it.

Microwave Burns and Ricochets

A lot of discussion and material exists on the internet about how it is possible to weaponize and configure a microwave to inflict harm on an individual through walls. There are a lot of examples on the internet which tend to serve as disinformation. Any complaints regarding this type of torture appear delusional and paranoid. Yes it is possible, however, it is almost impossible to regulate and measure the amount of radiation needed to inflict damaging harm, much less aim blindly.

Microwave burns that targeted individuals experience are not a direct form of torture. They are in fact a direct result of the weapon sending messages to your brain to cause concentrated heating in specific areas. The human brain is strong enough to send false messages to areas of your body, irritating your skin with heat burns. The brain is tricked into hurting the body. These burns are a ricochet off your brain, as they send false information to your brain causing heating and irritation in other areas. So much so, that it can leave a mark or blister afterwards. It feels as if you are being shot directly, but instead it is a false alarm sent to your brain. Your brain is being tricked into instigating a warm sensation in a concentrated area that very often hurts. The brain has the capability to heat itself up in certain areas to offset certain conditions in the environment.

Overall, the possibility of a microwave potato gun directly targeting you from next door is extremely low because of the ability to regulate

Strength an aim.

Attack Examples

The attacks are designed to debilitate both mentally and physically in an effort to influence and control. They are used to isolate so they can experiment psychologically. They then debilitate physically to isolate and experiment psychologically. Be proactive and have a backup plan or plans always. They debilitate physically, even when you’re already isolated, and inhibit mental activity in an effort to debilitate psychologically to manipulate whatever thoughts they can put into your head that they can control. At times, there is so much physical and psychological torture that it is overwhelming and you realize that anything that happens in your mind is attributable to them because they are doing too much. Almost like overkill. Overkill happens when their exercises aren’t working so they start adding additional components of pain in a last ditch attempt to salvage their efforts towards their exercises. And, I would guess to impress their boss as they really try with all of the tools at their disposal.

Duration of the attacks can last from momentary to months on end. They will always be present trying to interact with you but only hostile when they are conducting exercises or trying to provoke you.

Attacks- information probe – interrogation

When they probe your mind without your cooperation for information, they just get bits and pieces of information at most almost like a preview to a movie, but can’t get all of the information without your cooperation. Play a game with them, and try to hide the information in your memories. Make it difficult by changing what you’re thinking and refusing to go with the rush of thought thrust into your head in hopes of extracting the memory or information. They usually always draw the wrong conclusions without your cooperation.

They use a "key component" or "string of memory" to gain access or a map which would lead to the original memory in more detail. They use adrenaline as a bridge to run your thoughts and extract information from your memory. The adrenaline can be applied so sloppily that you find yourself on some wildtangent from where you started. If applied incorrectly, the adrenaline can cause one thought to lead to another, and then lead to another, and so on until you’re on some wildtangent.

Attacks- Break your heart techniques

Don’t look forward to a meal or get your hopes up, as they make you sick after the first bite or throw up. Or, debilitate you so badly that you can’t move to go pick up food or go to the market. They put the kibosh on dates, engagements, plans with friends, work and time spent with family. They pretty much attack anything you look forward to or derive satisfaction from and consider that fair game in their eyes. Looking forward to our anticipating things makes you vulnerable. The solution: live as spontaneously as possible!

Attacks: Debilitated and Dominated

They try to slow your brain down so your thoughts are processed through a computer, digital thinking. You can feel it because the thought transitions and jerks (like a CD or DVD player skipping) as it progresses through you. The skips or jerks are distributed evenly with even time intervals between each one. It is to engineered or manufactured to be natural. It is similar to finding man-made structures from a long distance photo or satellite photo.

I’ve gotten so experienced with it, that I can anticipate that it’s coming and then I am completely conscious of the fabrication being processed in my brain. I’m so good at it I don’t even know why they do it anymore. Maybe that can explain the source of frustration pain I have to endure.

Attacks: Involuntary versus Voluntary


The first set of attacks was a mixture of both voluntary and involuntary harassment.

The second set of attacks was completely involuntary.

Voluntary: coexistence where they complement or supplement my thoughts and actions while enhancing them. I’m practically unstoppable and I can achieve or do anything I put my mind to and set out to accomplish.

I wish they would change your tactics and work with me rather than against me.

Involuntary: their objective based on the thousands of experiments and mind games I’ve experienced is to unconsciously control and manipulate both thoughts and actions. They want to have their cake and eat it too.

They are trying to achieve whatever your ruler since the beginning of time he inspired to accomplish. It would guarantee almost a long, uninterrupted rain over their territory or subjects, population and wealth.

They haven’t perfected mind control, as they are still in the experimental phase on a large mass scale basis. They have not tapped the full potential yet to deploy it on a large scale for military purposes. I believe they’re trying to work out the kinks so they can automate it with computers and don’t need as many technicians manually operating the experiments.


Their attacks backfire and become a lose lose situation. They fail, and I suffer.

They attempt to verbalize thoughts and often end up utilizing random thoughts which backfire on them.

As they are trying to verbalize all thoughts, sometimes they don’t think before they say things. They resonate on unimportant or irrelevant thought just for the sake of verbalizing the thought.

They need to think before they speak! They have to make split-second decisions so no wonder they screwed up so often.


They make me feel sad, or authentically, I am aware of it and laughing at their pathetic attempt to replicate a genuine emotion and control how I feel.

Their ego allows for them to swing for the fences and try to create a cocktail of emotion or feeling toward something that is not what I agree with or applicable to anything in my life occurring at any moment. Home Run hitters strike out a whole bunch.


Relationships and sex.

They debilitate me before dates to prevent a short or long term partner and or gratification. They always say "not on my shift" and then pelt me with pain takes me down.

They have the ability and desire to tamper with self gratification. They can make it impossible, they can leave it alone, and can make it take forever. Did this for a long time until I convinced them that the harassment prolongs the situation until they gradually backed off.


The pain is so intense that it can’t be authentic because it happens every day in different places. It gets so bad that I have to resolve to go to the emergency room if it persists. At least until they back off. It never goes away right away but rather fades gradually.

They’ve attacked me extremely violently numerous times. On one occasion, my spinal fluid was drained completely and then refilled. Or other occasion, my eardrums both spun in circles wide enough to scrape my inner ear. They call those incidents "one of those times".


One of their favorite tools used to irritate you is restless leg syndrome. The restless leg syndrome is so intense that your foot will twitch until you attempt to relieve the tension by stretching. According to a doctor, Benadryl can be used to combat the restless leg syndrome. In order to get relief, you may have to argue with them by explaining that if you seek help from a doctor and told them you had taken Benadryl, it would make no sense to the doctor.

They can move the symptoms of restless leg syndrome throughout your body into places like your chest or your arms.


They make you miserable 24 hours a day seven days a week without boundaries and can even haunt your dreams. You constantly feel like you’re just barely hanging on physically and there’s nothing you can do because the pain is applied randomly. You don’t want to go far from the place where you can lie down and try to escape total debilitation with sleep. Every natural pain or discomfort you have is intensified, so much so that you think to yourself this is either not real or you have to go see a doctor or go to the emergency room. The only thing you can do is respect yourself by eating, hydrating, ibuprofen, exercise, sleep, deep breathing and listening to music. Countermeasures don’t work and or are waste of time and money.

Supposed countermeasures:

  1. Rare earth magnets
  2. EMF are clothing and blankets
  3. Device sold in the valley that claims eventual relief
  4. Electrostatic egg
  5. Cave or mine
  6. X-ray shield that didn’t work
  7. It’s a global network so flying to another country or hemisphere is futile – even attacked on the plane

Attacks- Motivation

As far as I can gather, they are always trying to corner me into a position of helplessness. I believe they are trying to force me to look to them for answers and guidance. However, it seems odd that that would be their objective after they have tarnished and destroyed my opinion of them. I get the feeling they just want to treat you like garbage and abuse you, then make you aware that there is absolutely nothing you can do about it in hopes you accept it like a schmuck and sucker (or, schmucker). The truth is, they do nothing to warrant respect and nobody should ever settle for an abusive relationship.

Attacks- Leading

They begin the harassment regimen by attempting to verbalize your thoughts in an effort to condition you to thinking in a way your mind has never operated before. They say exactly what you are thinking until they feel you have been accustomed to their way or method of thinking. Next, they lead the conversation in the direction that deviates slightly from what you would normally say or think to attempt to confuse, irritate and control your thought process. One issue I had was that I was conscious of the fact their input varied from reality, yet they insisted on forcing me to accept their version of the current environment and I just couldn’t do it knowing the alternative was true. They shock me with extreme pain when their attempts fail and that will continue to occur because their methods are flawed and they refuse to accept that reality. Their ego prevents them from altering their attempts at manipulating you from something obvious to anything that is effective and they use force to make you fit into their general mold. They want to streamline a consistent, general process so anyone of their staff can come in and is familiar with the common methods of manipulation. The issue is that everyone is so different from each other that it is unreasonable to think that you can come up with one method that would work across the board. And, it is just delusional to think that people will adapt and adopt something where pain is used to dispense, control and force uniform compliance.


Strong arm tactics are deployed. For example, they grip my stomach and ask the other guy if I’ve eaten before pouncing and targeting my stomach with intense hunger pains and the feeling of my stomach digesting itself. When the shifts change, they have no idea what to do and the harassment and the attempted mind control is easily detected and obvious . Also during the changing of the guard, they have to ask each other for information in front of me. They also play stupid often as an excuse for lashing out at you.


They act like cowards in the sense that not only am I totally defenseless, but they have not one but two people inflicting pain on me. They can’t take me one on one. They have to do it from afar to a defenseless person and they have to use two people. Very similar to two people kicking someone when they are down.

There are two weapons used like flying a plane with two people. One person flies while the other shoots. One person can see more than the other. The one that shoots can’t see the thoughts form until they are realized, which puts him at a disadvantage. The other person often corrects the other which gives you an idea of who can see what and when.


They regulate food and sleep and all aspects of your life. Make sure you sleep a minimum of four hours per night. I usually sleep about six hours per night on and off but lately it’s been closer to four. They will wake me up four hours into sleep utilizing pain to get me out of bed, and then make me feel debilitated with the desire to get back into bed before I can even make it out of my building to go down and get coffee a block away.

With constant surveillance and scrutiny of every thought processed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it leaves no break to get hungry, much less eat. The solution: snack to stay alive and energized. You have to argue with them that they are not being humane and that you have to eat. They like to kick you when you’re down and weak, and hunger is the perfect vehicle. They are often surprised in the uptick in mental activity and energy after I eat and often say "he just ate".


You experience a temporary involuntary loss of control of the mind, or a "swoosh", very well similar to a hallucination. Your mind goes for a ride and you have an outside-looking-in experience. Similar to that of an out of body experience. Everything will be fine unless you panic or stress because it is just a temporary lapse of normalcy. The feeling and thoughts go away very quickly. Any experience with hallucinations would give you an advantage because you would be more familiar with the range of possibilities of what your brain, mind and thoughts can do.


They will argue and try to suck you into the most irrational of issues in an effort to get you to complain out of frustration and repeat some of the things they say. Anybody you repeat these things to will think you are unbalanced. They will actually try to load you with certain irrational complaints that may get you in trouble with the law, emergency rooms and your family. You have to make sure that you don’t appear as a threat to anybody or yourself and you need to have your family know that you are doing everything you can to address your unfortunate situation of harassment.


There is definitely an anti president bias. I personally don’t vote or have any desire to get involved in politics. However, they keep trying to put me in a position where I have to defend the president. They try to draw me into an argument they can use to rationalize to lash out and inflict pain in a violent fashion.


They will either make me sick or make it difficult to prepare food constantly. I have to snack in order to keep food in my system and stay alive. They love to make you discouragingly sick as soon as you sit down to eat and have food in front of you.


Be prepared to get attacked on holidays. They love to isolate and depress you, especially on Thanksgiving and during Christmas. They believe it is mean and nasty and they can provoke you if they sabotage your holiday plans.

“One of those times” Attacks

Designed to leave an impressionable memory meant to scare and intimidate. They are reckless and usually don’t make sense authentically speaking, so document the events to note discrepancies with reality.

Drained spinal fluid- I woke up curled in a ball and when I straightened out, my back cracked over one hundred times in a 1-2 second span. I felt my spine fill up with fluid again.

Spinning ear drums- I woke up with both of my eardrums spinning around so much I could feel them scraping up against the inner wall of my ears. I was in extreme agony!

Cramped back- I woke up and it felt like an elbow was jabbing me in the back in an area I couldn’t reach. I was helpless to alleviate the pain until it subsided.

All three of these attacks were designed to push me around, leave a lasting memory, and leave me in a permanent state of helplessness.

Crossing Wires

When they do this, the guy on the right always says "don’t cross his wires".

You will project what you’re going to say and when you say it, the exact opposite comes out.

Example: you mean yes and you say no. Another example, I’m going to do A and then B and when you say it, it is reversed. I’m going to do B and then A.

Result: what you end up saying makes no sense or is a relevant. You only detect it after you have said and heard yourself say it.

"Crossing wires" was a phrase that was originated from them

Exploiting Anticipation

They look for things you look forward to, things that give you pleasure, and things you are interested in. They want to test the point at which you will give up or abandon your efforts. It’s unfair and extremely mean, but they want an unbiased example of when you reach your human limit and give up.

Examples include waking you up at 4:00 am and torturing you all morning before work. The severity and proximity to your appointment are difficult to hold together. Often times, I have to cancel my planned day because of the extreme pain I have to endure. It makes it difficult to get anything done.

Another example is daring. If you are looking forward to a date they will always completely wreck you physically and emotionally prior to your engagement in hopes of sabotaging your food time. It keeps you in isolation and gives them more time to poke and prod your brain.

Reward System – Stalker Motivation

They have a general plan or method to harass unwitting victims. People naturally have habits, opinions or scenarios in their life that aren’t convenient or present the ideal conditions for their general plan to harass, manipulate and ultimately control. They try to “bang that out of you” in an effort to get you to adjust to something more mainstream that can be streamlined into their general plan of attack.

Generally, they have certain responses you give that trigger more harassment from them. They have no justification to harass you and use certain common defensive or selfish themes that arise to increase the frequency and strength of their unwanted harassment. They almost make a game of torturing their victims with what seems as if illogical increases in pain for reasons only known to them.

There seems to be some sort of incentive or bounty available to my harassers during holidays and weekends to cleanup what they consider bad habits or accomplish ideal goals for them. They have some sort of reward system for success as they always stretch me to my limits during Christmas, New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving and birthdays. All of this in addition to monopolizing my days off, weekends and vacation time. I’m abused by my stalkers and given no time by myself or to relax so they can earn what I assume is extra money and promotions. My daily goals are different from theirs, and I’m not getting enough done.

Bonus for achieving goals:

  • Psychiatric hold
  • Mental pathways they record for future use
  • Breaking habits used to defend yourself like meditation or chanting
  • Instigating “one of those times” attacks to cause psychiatric trauma
  • Monopolizing time

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative identity disorder attempts to describe or label a complex psychological condition, previously known as multiple personality disorder, caused by extreme trauma from continued physical, sexual and emotional abuse. It is a much more descriptive and useful term than multiple personality disorder in the sense that it attempts to capture the process of shifting from a normal state into multiple branches from which you have defined yourself to be.

The extreme trauma or shock drives people away from normal decision making processes and prevents the individual from respecting themselves as they normally would. This paves the way for an alternative bifurcation, dissociative of the naturally developed personality. That works to strip the identity of the individual by allowing for a resulting alternative, laced with a lack or self respect. They target the keys to happiness in your life and make it seem as if they have some sort of vengeance with God. They create and record a path from positive to negative and then apply energy via moods to slide back and forth.

Strive to maintain the authenticity of the individual to defend against them desensitizing your feelings of self worth which affects your thoughts, memories, feelings, actions and your overall sense of identity. Extreme shock is utilized to confuse and strip targeted individuals of social conventions. Then, they speak for you to construct something outside the realm of your normal behavior. The secondary personality created is always the second choice as it is a forced alternative.

Furthermore, dissociative identity disorder works the other way for stalkers because it conditions them to turn into murderers gradually by desensitizing and stripping the human condition from their targets. Overall, working to practice individualism remains the best defense against the attacks against the authenticity of the individual and mitigate the severity of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Examples of attempts to strip identity

  1. Trampling of your thoughts and taking over for you

2. Sexual identity attacks

· Isolate to prevent activity

· Attempt to emasculate

· Sway pendulum with depression

· Target masturbation and encourage a depressing rut

· Inhibit performance

· Prevent orgasm

  1. Sabotage holidays

4. Highly anticipated events are attacked

5. Isolation from friends, family and a normal life

Defensive Techniques

Documentation of Discrepancies and Doctors

Document what defies medical explanation for what is happening. Don’t be afraid to see a doctor for physical pain. Try not to mention anything about hearing voices unless you see a psychiatrist.

Keep a diary of the dates and times you are harassed with descriptions of what you are experiencing. Generally, I only feel like writing anything in a diary when I’m extremely disturbed by their harassment or very uncomfortable. I try not to sound angry, but it is often difficult. Communication is not effectively conveyed with anger. When I am unaware of their presence, the last thing I want to do is document all of the stupid mind games they play and how they try to make me miserable constantly.

I have a doctor for:

Physicals and general medical assistance

Pain doctor for head and neck

Hemorrhoids doctor


I am supposed to see the following:

Gastrointestinologist (GI)


I take a steady regimen of the following medications:

Tramadol- Opiate like pain med

Gabapentin- Nerve pain med and Mood stabilizer

Zyprexa- Psych med

Trileptal- Psych med and mood stabilizer

Seroquel- Psych med that helps with sleep

Ambien- Sleep med

Benadryl- Sleep med and for restless leg syndrome

Ibuprofen- Anti Inflammatory for pain

I took risperdaland depakotefor many years and it never helped reduce the irritation and minimize or lower the voices.

I have tried most of the psych meds available on the market in search of some sort of alleviation from the unwanted incursion. I still haven’t found an effective psych med to reduce the symptoms or lower the voices and I have been searching and experimenting for 18 years. None of the psych medications have ever worked.

The only thing I found useful were medications that make me drowsy and want to fall asleep. I take the medications in hopes of doing something constructive to make me feel better. I also know that taking these drugs is not going to do more damage to my body than that of my electronic harassment.

All in all, the only evidence you have for Wireless or Electronic Harassment may be the logs and diaries you take of the daily occurrences that defy medical knowledge, the horrible things done to you and the idiotic things you have to listen to. Knowing that, strive to take detailed notes and have them appear as professional as possible

Defense technique:

Anything that invokes creativity, emotion and happiness in your brain you must strive for. What you are looking for is the release of positive chemicals and dopamine in your brain naturally. These can be derived from music, art, movies, literature, poems, etc. Each person has a unique trigger in their brain that stimulates the release of dopamine.

Defense technique:

I’m always trying to turn their negativity into something positive. For example, one of them said in response to my attempt "I’m not buying your bullshit.” At which point I said, "what if I offer you a discount……buy one get one free”!

Some of the stuff that happens when their attempts at mind manipulation backfire are so funny that I burst out laughing, often leading to tears. It’s so hard to explain because the mind game is so complicated. These occurrences are almost like and very similar to inside jokes. You have to maintain a sense of humor if you want to keep things upbeat.

Defense technique:

When you come up with a good come back (defensive way of refuting their attempts with class and style), you can use the same material two more times that day because they change shifts every four hours, so your material is fresh for 24 hours. You get to use it 3+ times total in one day. Magnifies the value of your jokes.

Defensive technique:

Divide and conquer – there always two of them so encourage disagreements or arguments. But beware, if you antagonize both of them, you anger the chaperone guy who is supposed to be looking after you by ensuring no boundaries are crossed.

Defensive Psychological warfare

Insults – degrade their occupation – a thug seduced by the technology. An example, the lack of proper security level to instigate good feelings.

Call it like you see it – an authentic reaction. They can’t blame you for that, but they will try.

Dominate weakness!

Maintain control.

Don’t blindly attack but rather wait, listen and strike when they don’t expect it or demonstrate an opening through weakness.

Intimidate and insult and WIN!

Defense- Fight Back!

Intimidate and insult!

They attack brave people as they want to experiment on the best or "cream of the crop". Any successful techniques obtained from very bright and intelligent people can be applied successfully to the general population. Because of the infancy of the technology, they are experimenting only and most if not all attempts are unsuccessful.

I’ve gotten so good at it I can identify them, ignore them and move forward seamlessly.

I implore them to confront and attack me on an intellectual level with no pain because I dominate and win every time until they get frustrated and use pain to debilitate me.

I remind them that they have the greatest weapon the world has seen and they can control nothing. Just distribute pain.

Defense – Maintain Constant Awareness

Gauge their intelligence based on how they try to manipulate you and forecast your next move. Most of them are way off and you find yourself saying, "what are you thinking?”

Pick up as much information as you can on each one including names, techniques, temper and what makes them tick.

You have to use these (only defensively) to attack them psychologically to get anything done or make any changes to your status.

They will not make any adjustments if you ask them nicely.

They’re not there to serve you. You can make fun of them and ask them to do things for you but they’re not there to serve you.

Defense- Keep your chin up!

Whenever I say something degrading or insulting in defense to attacks with pain from them, they say "you’re not helping your case". I respond by stating "you’re not gaining any of my respect when you use pain to manipulate or use pain in frustration from failure". Respect is not demanded, rather earned!

Defense- Be prepared to have to adapt to any environment or condition

Adapt to any situation and be proactive by being prepared to take ibuprofen, eat food, drink water, stay warm, and get plenty of rest and sleep. Be prepared to be as uncomfortable and miserable as possible at all times. They don’t even let up so you can eat a square meal. Don’t wait for a break, snack to get the replenishment you need.

Don’t get your hopes up for something because they love to break your heart. They use debilitation or give false hope in an effort to crush it.

Always have a backup plan or alternative activity that is productive in response to debilitation preventing your primary focus.

Defense- Arguing

Arguing is a no-win situation because even if successful, you get zapped with frustration and pain and they rarely listen to logic.

My major in college prepared me for law school and to think in mathematical systems. As a result, I can argue effectively! They don’t even bother trying anymore because I always find a creative way to win. They once told me when they first started, "You should be a lawyer".

It’s not hard to win an argument, they have no leverage, rights, respect, etc. They don’t have the right to be at my house, much less my head. Give them nothing including a lack of respect. You don’t owe them anything and have rights as a human being, and also as an American.

Don’t let them establish rules because once they do, they push and push, and then amend the first rule and add additional rules or caveats. You want to avoid living your life by what they dictate. Disregard any rules they establish no matter how painful it is.

Defense- Avoiding hallucinations

Keep one eye open to avoid hallucinations. Opening one eye helps defend against hallucinations. Particularly, the ones where they draw pretty pictures visually. It puts an end to the hallucinations immediately. It’s just annoying to have to open one of your eyes to prevent them from abusing you.

Defense- Chanting and Meditation

Chant in triplets rather than the standard 1234 in order to offset their method of overriding your chants to maintain control of thought. Chanting or repeating phrases in triplets rather than quarter beats messes up their method of sabotaging your efforts to meditate and focus on what you are repeating. Start in quarter beats and then change to triplets when you notice resistance and observe the difference. The resistance lifts immediately

Defense- Capitalize on Mistakes

Since there are two of them interacting with you, they often get confused and give up the name of the person they’re working with. I used to keep track of all the names, as they have revealed the identity of the first name of 12 to 15 different individuals. I stopped keeping track of the names because I got suspicious that they kept doing it by accident as misinformation to keep me confused. Until, they revealed the name of my “handler“ in the morning. The person who directs and manages the harassment towards me usually works in the mornings starting at 4 AM. One of the referred to him as “Tony“. I remember that name because they called him my “handler“, and I wanted to make sure the authorities went after him after all of this is over. I’m really not concerned about all the other idiots, because they’re just taking orders and have no clue or skill as to how to manipulate people. I know more than some of the lower level idiots that come through and try to control me and I have only been the recipient for 18 years. All in all, if they insist on being sloppy and continue to fumble, capitalize on their slip up by noting it and documenting it for future use.

Defense- Slowing Down

Reducing the speed at which you move, process ideas, and operate provides more control and slows down the rate at which the attacks occur in a normal situation.

Defense – Vocal Cordless Screaming

Screaming at the top of your lungs in a high pitched tone without using your vocal cords (i.e. to yourself) causes the person monitoring your conscience thoughts to hear a loud and irritating noise that disrupts the flow of harassment temporarily. The person perceived to be speaking to you, on your left in your mind, will react and complain if you get the pitch high enough to irritate him or her. They always react and make an effort to prevent you from reaching the pitch that causes a high pitch blast into their ears. A good method of determining the difference between mental illness and Electronic or Wireless Harassment is a test to see if this is consistent among people who have been targeted and are complaining of an unwanted incursion.


"Make lemonade out of lemons”. Stay positive and always concentrate on the good or what makes you feel good no matter how miserable they make you.

Positive Note

On a positive note, I view the attacks as a blessing in disguise. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur which takes a lot of courage. They forced me into making that decision with electronic harassment by not being able to hold down a meaningful job or study to become a professional. Forced into a position where I have to derive income from short-term jobs and contracts (A nice variety which often leads to ownership and being your own boss).

In this day and age with the Internet and B2B business, it is possible for a targeted individual to thrive and sustain by working part time and doing Internet work from home, their sanctuary which is close to bed.


When they work with you, your mind and body are fused as one. There’s no getting tired. Your mind is focused with your body warm and tingly as it fluctuates with rushes from the brain. Dopamine is emitted when you listen to music and has been harnessed by them to be distributed at their convenience. With the dopamine rushes, you fire on all cylinders.



In moments of confusion or change, they would rather probe your conscious mind rather than ask the other to verify what’s happening. If you use your imagination spontaneously to make up an outrageous scenario, the guy probing your conscious mind isn’t sure of accuracy and has to ask the guy next to him on the right if what he is hearing is accurate. You can hear him ask and sense a break in the harassment. When that happens I responded, "Ha, made you look! Monkeys always look!”


They always tend to give me a break when I wash my face and pick at pimples. I believe it is one of the only activities that their boss allows for them to give you distance and take care of self maintenance. All of the other activities are considered fair game except for when you pop pimples. They complain and still verbally harass you, but they usually give one of the tormentors a break and work half staffed until you are finished.


Document discrepancies with reality. For instance, I woke up today and ate immediately and took Prilosec because my stomach hurt. I usually don’t eat until at least 11am. However, they insisted on hitting my stomach all morning. It was among their weapons used to torture me regardless of what I did to prevent that particular type of pain. They insisted on hurting me, making me feel helpless, debilitated and isolated from reality. Among the other weapons, they also insisted on giving me hemorrhoids even though I did not use the bathroom this particular morning. They felt entitled to torture me with unrealistic pain in an effort to make a mockery of me and my life. They kept me up most of the night and debilitated me the entire work day so I was useless and could accomplish nothing. Document these awful instances because they are at least believable when you complain because it accounts for your frustration level. It also demonstrates that you are looking out for yourself and respecting the one that counts. It also makes no sense and is a good thing to write down and discuss with professionals.

Organized Offense: Entrapment- Physical Evidence

The IP address or phone number is visible through gotomeeting when people come in and harass or disturb the conference calls setup for targeted individuals to communicate and complain to someone willing to listen. The illogical disrupting hostility can be easily identified as long as you don’t get sucked into an argument and provoked by it. Once identified as working against the mainstream, it would have had to have been organized by a knowledgeable individual and the only ones aware of that information are TI’s and Perps (the targeted people and the people initiating the harassment). Since the targeted people have absolutely no incentive to disrupt the conference calls, one can physically identify a direct trail or footprint to the identity of an actual individual either initiating the Electronic Harassment or someone who knows the people. They are the ones that insist on perpetuating false information. Entrapment can be deployed to identify those people by engaging them with logic in a documented and witnessed setting. That would be a great start and step in the right direction towards some sort of solution

Organized Offense: Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuit Facebook; technology is showing up in commercial applications and derived from innocent involuntary test subjects. When they are through with them, they use them as pawns by destroying them and then using them as an example of why the government needs to take away the right for Americans to own guns. Discarded for a political objective after they have extracted the reactions from them through involuntary wireless testing. The objective of the final result is a huge political use once the individual has been deemed no longer useful to study.

Organized offense: Incident based activism

After a domestic terrorism incident, there is a media circus interviewing the victims, witnesses and friends and families gathered around the location. This is the only time the media will get involved, and there will be airtime on the news and an opportunity to educate and make people aware of the pitfalls and dangers that exist. Living near or within driving distance when an incident occurs provides an ideal opportunity to pass out flyers and literature about Electronic Harassment.

Organized Offense: Group Hunger Strike

A video documented group hunger strike would attract the attention and awareness of the public. Targeted individuals need to express the dire need for assistance in an organized, documented, passive, and peaceful way. The strike would need to be conducted via video to include people from across the country and worldwide while minimizing travel expenses.

Organized Offense: Public Homeless Interviews

To illustrate the severity and extent of the problem, any targeted individual can personally interview homeless people in their neighborhood to confirm their harassment is similar. They would verify that voices are heard constantly from two separate individuals and never fluctuates. A great number of homeless people are attacked and become targeted because their complaints will be attributed to mental illness by doctors and authorities. Instead of waiting for people to figure out they are the victim of electronic harassment and gathering people from support sites that have stepped forward, anyone can pick up a camera and interview homeless people to give a realistic cross section of the population that is affected by directed energy weapons and electronic harassment.

Organized Offense: Create New Patents

Create new patents combining this technology or ability with society. Patents expire in 20 years. Supplement additional bells and whistles for a new patent. Meaning that you can file a patent with a previously filed patent with additions to use and make your own. Monopolize the commercial use of the weapon they are using to manipulate in a manner they are not familiar with. They are not business men, but rather thugs hired to exploit and manipulate your defenseless mind before it is declared illegal and they can be prosecuted and punished for making a mockery of your life and everything you have ever worked for. They are stealing methods of manipulation from you while it is technically not illegal but just wrong because they can’t find voluntary subjects for an involuntary study. Make the most of the time you have to spend by developing a feel for what they are capable of to see if you can creatively apply that to simplify some of the aspects of your daily life.

Electronic Harassment Foundation – EHF

I’m not aware of one psychiatrist qualified to distinguish between Mental health symptoms and those of electronic harassment. Targeted Individuals need to have a 24-hour support line to talk with other individuals in the same situation or professionals that have been thoroughly briefed and understand what is happening to Targeted Individuals.

No way anyone can effectively communicate and convince a doctor or a qualified professional in the limited appointment time that they would have in their office. Doctors have to diagnose prematurely and inaccurately based off of unverified, incomplete information. The target is doomed from the start for inaccurate diagnosis and mislabeling.

Humane Societies collect donations to help abandoned animals and pets. TI victims have it worse, because they’ve been abandoned and there’s nowhere to turn for help if a truthfully describe their situation in their approach. They can end up with the wrong help: hospital, jail or the streets. Celebrities advocate and endorse the organizations to help the animals and can do the same thing for targeted individuals.

Platinum level charities spend 90% of funds received on the charitable portion.

Rehabilitation- setting up companies to employ targeted individuals. They are extremely intelligent, as the government has handpicked their brain to experiment on.

Examples of companies that could offer work to targets:

  • Call centers – order taking subcontract for other companies
  • EC distribution
  • Recycling for charity
  • DMV registration work and insurance company
  • Corporate/government partnership for part-time and full-time work.
  • Fantasy mutual fund: enter lineups and contest spread over the day sprinkle. Player pickers.
  • Sponsors pay for documented experiences. Logs, videos, YouTube on our website.
  • People’s press – unbiased
  • Global store: import/export
  • Collaborative exploration – maintenance
  • Services website
  • Donation website
  • Video game development

Backfire Evolution

I always thought that I operated at my highest level when it counted, which is a situation that doesn’t occur often normal person’s life. For the last 18 years, I’ve been put in that situation multiple times daily, and I’m able to dominate defensively with style and class. When the torture and pain is at its worst, I have an innate ability to thrive creatively to survive which is every living things natural tendency. When you’re held hostage with pain, your mind will do amazing things to maintain control and survive. One positive to all of the pain I have to endure. The ideas I’ve come up with can attributed to the result of their presence 24/7 for 17 years with two people at all times forcing me into a corner with my back against a wall. My mind has evolved as a result of running and being chased for 18 years

Reassuring Note- Flawed methods prevent success

All of their theories were formulated on what the world has known of Psychology to date. Since then, with this technology they have discovered that they know nothing about the brain. However, their theories were not updated and designed around what the brain is possible of, just what they thought they knew then. They have not made any adjustments, and will continue to try to use their misled theories. They have refused to budge in their logic, and continue to insist their theories are correct and they will make you miserable trying to shove them down your throat or changing you to make it convenient for them.

The good news is, they will never succeed. I know this because I have let completely go only to discover that they don’t want my cooperation. Not only am I safe, but I am aware that even if I tried to help them be successful, they will refuse to listen and remain stuck in an endless loop of delusion. Their theories are naive, and will continue to prevent them from being successful. The bad news is, their enlightenment is going to cost you most of everything you ever worked for in your life. They will run you into the ground attempting to force you into a pliable mode they can manipulate and have any moron come in and give directions.

The exercises are run for a period of time until they feel they have spent enough time or they are successful. They then move onto a new phase even if they have not been successful. The next phase utilizes elements of the previous unsuccessful phase, sabotaging their chances of success. They will never successfully achieve the ability to completely pull the wool over your eyes when portions of their manipulation are exposed and you are aware of their objective. The more contact you have with their flawed methods, the fewer tools they have to control your behavior. All in all, it is reassuring to know that you will never completely lose the ability to make your own decisions and you can maintain control, but they have no patience for failure, are blind and in denial regarding their flaws, and feel justified in completely disabling you if they are unable to manipulate you to their satisfaction

Notes about Life

No one has the right to take their life or anyone else’s. Those decisions need to be left to a higher power that we don’t yet understand.

DNA has evolved in your family for centuries, adapting and improving with each generation. Every generation prior to yours worked a harder life in order to provide for you and your family to ensure a long life for you and your children. You don’t have the right to take that away from them.

There are too many reasons to stay alive and too many resources and help available to ever justifying something that drastic. There must be no other option!

Solution to Domestic Terror – Spirituality

Spirituality is solution to the domestic terrorism problem. The incidence of terrorism are so common and massive in scale they need to be considered as serial killings and studied by psychologists as such. These types of crimes do not occur when the attacker is a firm believer in any theory of spirituality, not religion specific, but rather the impression that they will have to explain their actions to someone or something at some point and that life might continue in some form after one passes away.

The shooters are actually committing suicide by cop. If they can be taken down with non lethal force, it can be confirmed that they are hearing 2 different voices at any given time, were told their government is responsible and their harassment is similar to that outlined in this blog. They can be given the test for harassment mentioned previously.

In the meantime, we can start immediately by providing a 24 hour conference call hotline with branches run by citizens to assist those in need 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Making available volunteer life coaches as well as doctors and any other useful profession in society. There needs to be a support network set up and available at any time because people can get attacked at the push of a button and need assistance immediately, whether or not somebody is familiar with the subject to talk to or an accredited professional.

Also, there needs to be rehabilitation regimen encompassing all previously discussed aspects. Classes on spirituality free from any specific religion, professional occupational training from home, schedule management consulting efforts to balance lifestyle, physical training advice, medical advice based on the reports gathered from life coaches and assistants for medical and health supervision.

Common Terms

Stream of consciousness

“Stream” – move afterthought into front of memory

“Bang that out of there” – their term. Strip or remove that memory from short term memory or tape or both.

“Fumble” – when you drop the ball (1st stage of harassment)

“Enamored by the technology” – their term

“Enamorous delusionality”

Construct – false thought or illusion.

Disinformation – theory of lying and manipulating into some sort of wild goose chase.

ANT.I. – Me.

Individualism – surrender and still maintain control. Concentrate on the outcome rather than the derivation of the thought.

Walk a fine line of indifference

“Steal the Pooty”

“You’re the one”

“Oh, well”

“Terror Makeover”

“Schmuck smile”

“Euphoria wear off?”

“Check out my new digs”


“Second guess”

“At your wits end”

“Mind tapping”

“Crossing wires”


“Haven’t hit Rock bottom yet?”

“The end justifies the means”

“More than you know”

“Dew Hickey”

“Microwave Potato Gun”

Typical day since total disability:

I am woken up at approximately 4:00 am either drenched in sweat so I have to get up and change or they restrict my breathing with asthma and make me feel uncomfortable like I’m being suffocated with inhibited breathing. Usually, the only way to combat the harassment is to drink something warm like coffee or tea. It’s hard to drink tea that promotes when you are irritated by being woken up artificially. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to drink tea when someone wants to intentionally wake you up.

Next, they usually increase the attacks when I drink coffee because I really enjoy coffee. They target the things I look forward to. They usually hurt my stomach in an effort to make it difficult or unenjoyable. I start the day in pain or feeling nauseous or both.

Then they attack me during the process of regulating. They make the process painful and then spend half the day torturing me with hemorrhoids. All of my underwear and some of my pants have been stained and ruined. I had to start wearing adult diapers to keep the blood contained.

They gradually increase the frequency of the thought scrutinizing until they are interfering with your thoughts at one second intervals. Combined with mood fluctuations, they can create a chorus or false thought forced upon what you are aware of. All of this is done involuntarily and when they make mistake, they instigate pain and make it appear as if it is out of frustration. They use it as an excuse to dish out pain or hurt you and keep you uncomfortable.

I can start taking pain medication as needed anytime in the morning. But, I need to eat something before I start taking psych meds. Next, comes the process of trying to eat. I never liked eating breakfast, my entire life, and am used to eating for the first time of the day around 11am. They consistently hurt my stomach in the morning now and blame it on the fact that I haven’t eaten. They are forcing me with stomach pains to put food in my stomach prior to when my body is accustomed so I can argue that I’m not hungry and don’t need to eat. Once I have something in my stomach, I can start taking a regime, anti inflammatories like ibuprofen and psych meds.

They have started targeting the shower/bath and grooming daily. It is extremely difficult to stand for the duration of the shower. Further, after I’m out of the shower, they have been heating up my body until I am sweating profusely. It takes a good 20-30 minutes to dry the sweat caused by their body temperature heating after showers and baths.

They monopolize your thought process with such frequency, because they need you removed from external influence to achieve unbiased results from their mind control experiments. A great deal of the time, this involves having you flat or horizontal. I usually have to hold my head with my arms to apply pressure because it feels as if my brain is swelling.

At inconvenient times, they give you restless leg syndrome or the feeling that you can’t stop moving your feet. Usually, the restless leg syndrome comes at night when you are tired and want to sleep. Again, another inconsistency with what is natural. They also use the restless leg syndrome to prevent you from sleeping, taking a nap or to get you out of bed. It is rather annoying and the only way to make it go away is to take Benadryl. However, they often keep the restless leg syndrome regardless of what I take because they want to prove that they are some sort of “Hand of God”.

The day consists of arguing about whether what I am feeling is legitimately natural. The balance of the day consists of taking pain and sleep pills in hopes of catching a nap and getting an escape from the unwanted incursion on my consciousness.

The only time I am happy is when I’m asleep. Even though I’m disabled, they don’t let me nap during the day to defy logic and try to enrage me. They keep me up all day and night and then wake me up at 4am. The odd thing is, I have a surprising amount of energy after having little to know sleep. Strangely, they keep me up all night and propped up all day so I don’t experience lethargy.

Because eating is so difficult and I am snacking and eating about one full meal per day. The past two and a half years they have not allowed me to eat dinner. If I had not eaten by the time the sunset, they did not allow me to eat until breakfast the next day. They have made me go days without eating. I did not panic because I was aware that you can go 30 days without eating.

I have trouble hydrating because all I want to do is sleep. I don’t want to be running back and forth to the bathroom and have it prevent or get in the way of the opportunity to sleep.

They want you in a depressing rut of masturbation and they try to sabotage any efforts to date or find a girlfriend or boyfriend for a relationship. This works to isolate you from friends and relationships and alienate you from the rest of society.

With me, in August of 2016, they told me they wanted me in a hospital and that if I masturbated, they were going to send me to the emergency room. They kept threatening to send me to a mental institution until I told them I was only going to complain of physical pain to the doctor if I had to go to the emergency room.

They utilize pain in an an attempt to get you to let go and cooperate with their energy by using sexual stimulation (masturbation) as a release. They want you reaching for relief in the form of masturbation because your mind is open and more receptive to their manipulation.

They have been unable to do that to me because I stopped masturbating all together in August of 2016 and they haven’t given me one night off to “get back on the horse again”. They indicate they don’t want to admit to being wrong, and keep up the pressure daily.

The day is monopolized by antimotivational attacks designed to debilitate and leave you cornered and feeling helpless. They make it seem psychologically and physically impossible to take care of your daily needs. Electronic Harassment makes it impossible for the targeted individual to compete with others in society and makes them appear delusional when they complain.

The evening is usually dominated by attacks to either strip you of your identity or emasculate you in your own house. Recently, they have been making me ill in the evening which has been preventing good nutrition. Typically, I am in a hurry to go to bed and put the day behind me in hopes of a better beginning the next day.

I am held in a prison of pain devoid of good feeling. I have to listen to their negativity day after day. I’ve learned not to listen to what they say, but always get pulled back in with pain. At least the human body needs 4 hours sleep per day giving me some peace of mind!

I have taken the last year off to document the incursion in my mind and life. I have accurately outlined their plan to attack every aspect of a person’s life. It has taken a tremendous toll on me and left me dependent on my family. Please contact me via email if you can provide any sort of assistance.


Only one form of group is powerful enough to control technology of this nature. Ironically, this same group refuses to acknowledge, listen or investigate any complaints of Electronic Harassment. By keeping quiet, they force the individuals to bury their feelings and frustration until they act out or lash at someone or something. They look unbalanced and direct their attention in an unproductive manner. It buys perpetrators time, to refine their skills and consider attempting to control a larger section of the population. If such a large group of people are complaining of the same issues, and the government refuses to even listen to their complaints, that type behavior would be implicative of them as the source or complicit. It is also indicative of stalling for time to evade accusations so they can continue attacking you and more people. The source of the weapon must be some sort of government or complicit organization, the question is which one and how do we stop it? Until then, promoting EH awareness and establishing support groups to rehabilitate victims is a fantastic start.

Once they investigate the web of disinformation to sort and track the source of the intended confusion, they can and will follow a documented path to the source and stop the experimentation on citizens by private contractors. The government will never admit to being interested in the scientific results, but can remain quiet, also known as complicit, until the perpetrators are caught and they can project the blame on them.

Eventually, government will need to regulate access by issuing licenses and lie detector tests as part of test for license to ensure no involuntary human experimentation occurred in that individuals past. EH test. Government regulated licensing program involving a test to determine if their experience was obtained illegally from non consensual human experimentation.



Website Reviews

Please beware! Be aware and look out for misleading information on the internet. Please make sure to use logic, confirm conspiracies and make up your own mind when discovering the world of Electronic or Wireless Harassment. Look for frauds, cheats, con men and efforts to confuse, frighten, drain finances and disorient via disinformation. The following gives researchers a few things to look out for:

Suspicious Internet Activity

  • Gangstalking- Any whistleblower, or person who knows a whistleblower, that claims to have seen an intelligence protocol for organized stalking. The paranoia is constructed in one’s mind and no such protocol exists.
  • Implants- There is no connecting proof. Sites should not misinform something that can’t be proven in any court.
  • Shielding- May only work temporarily but never over a long term
  • Unconfirmed theoriesor conspiracies can not be trusted. You won’t have time to chase down unsubstantiated facts. Keep simple.
  • People claiming they are targeted but don’t communicate the severity frantically, are suspicious to me. When they respond with “I think so” when asked, they are involved for another reason, usually money or disinformation.
  • Financial drainsfor targets. Beware, everything you need is free.
  • Profiting- People making money from targets. That’s just sick!
  • Connection between groups created to “assist” targeted individuals – net of disinformation keeping the reality contained.
  • Venting methods- long term efforts remain futile. Examples include: shielding and temporary relief, moderator controlled conference calls to maintain and steer desired subject matter, hired assistance via consulting companies, etc.

What you need to review and be aware of before proceeding:

  • Electronic Harassmentis another term for attempted Mind Control. They are disguising their objective with harassment.
  • Gangstalkingand Organised Stalkingis not real, a constructed perception, and an implanted figment of the imagination. No one comes remotely close to your physical location. Voices are mimicked and odd occurrences are claimed by your harassment.
  • Microwave burnsare a ricochet off your brain and not a microwave potato gun hitting you through a wall next door. They trigger your brain to heat your body in strategic locations.
  • Any implantsfound are not necessarily associated with the harassment because everything is wireless. Not enough is known about the science to convince anyone effectively that it is related to harassment.
  • Intelligence Agenciesand the Government are not responsible for electronic harassment because of the liability. The blame or fault lies with private entities or contractor. The government may be complicit by ignoring complaints made by harassed citizens.

Review Criteria for Analysis

Gangstalking acknowledges the false belief and misinforms the reader.

Implants acknowledges the conspiracy and misinforms the reader.

Shielding acknowledges, promotes and misinforms the reader.

Unconfirmed theories / conspiracies acknowledges and misinforms the reader.

Profiting from targeted individuals sells to targeted individuals and public.

Financial drains encourages wasting money by purchasing useless countermeasures.

Venting methods support groups

Helpful tips



Registrant name: PACTS International

Registrant Street: CA

Conference Call Moderator: Derrick Robinson

Review Criteria for Analysis

Gangstalking acknowledges the false belief and misinforms the reader. By not questioning the unknown, false beliefs get promoted rather than debunked.

Implants acknowledges the conspiracy and misinforms the reader. Discusses implants in detail and promotes a trial or study that can not be necessarily connected to electronic harassment.

Shielding acknowledges, promotes and misinforms the reader. The site does not indicate that organized stalking may be an implanted figment of the targeted individuals imagination.

Unconfirmed theories / conspiracies acknowledges and misinforms the reader. Also, posts a number of unsubstantiated claims made by others.

Profiting from targeted individuals sells to targeted individuals and public. Sells targets useless information on targeting. Has a list of books and documents for sale that can be of little assistance.

Financial drains encourages wasting money purchasing useless countermeasures. Collects donations to maintain the site. Sells swag through their Pacts store.

Venting methods support groups. Has a list of people to contact for support. Has a list of people to contact for support. Has a podcast and conference call in the evenings for targets to participate in group support discussions.

Helpful tips has a friendship contact list, conference call, and newsletter.

Further: Discusses his professional services he recommends because they claim to acknowledge the existence of Remote Influence Technology. It features a Psychiatrist who knows nothing, a lawyer with no one to sue, and a list of doctors that really have no way of helping targeted individuals.

Has a list of International groups set up to either help the targeted individual or reinforce disinformation to keep the them confused. One of harassment goals is to make the target individual feel helpless.

Dr Katherine Horton

Review Criteria for Analysis

Gangstalking acknowledges the false belief and misinforms the reader. Claims she saw the intelligence protocol for gangstalking which does not exist because everything is wireless and fabricated.

Implants acknowledges the conspiracy and misinforms the reader. Insists that implants are connected to the electronic harassment with no scientific connection or relationship.

Shielding acknowledges, promotes and misinforms the reader. Sells useless shielding to targets to create a financial drain and even says tinfoil works to protect targets from harassment.

Unconfirmed theories / conspiracies acknowledges and misinforms the reader.

Profiting from targeted individuals sells to targeted individuals and public. Recommends shielding that doesn’t work to block wireless harassment.

Financial drains encourages wasting money by purchasing useless countermeasures.

Venting methods – Documenting the harassment can be therapeutic but allowing someone access or downloading unnecessary software should not be necessary and sounds odd.

Helpful tips- Has a form for documenting harassment but you have to download something to gain access because it asks for permission to your computer which is concerning because I don’t want to give anyone access to my computer in case they put something there I don’t approve of.

Etc. – Notes:

On December 5, 2018, I reviewed Dr. Katherine Horton’s site and came up with a number of questions to ask her during a conference call conducted by target in I also asked her politely to stop selling and marketing to targeted individuals and profiting from them. Here is a summary of the points I discussed with her:

Are you aware that gangstalking or group stalking is completely constructed within one’s mind? She got defensive and said she saw a document from the intelligence services outlining procedures for physical gangstalking. THAT DOCUMENT DOES NOT EXIST if gangstalking is constructed in one’s mind. She was either shown a fake document, or she is lying. She doubled down and tried to defend the validity of gangstalking, and exposed herself at the same time. Typical obdurate, stubborn attack technique from them.

She is using the same political ploy that everyone is using right now. She is accusing everyone of what she is guilty of. Working for the intelligence services. She only blames the intelligence services. They are in fact government contractors set ups as LLC’s so they don’t get sued. That is, technically not the intelligence services. The ploy is used as minsinformation because that would be the last group you would suspect her of working for.

She said she is making money from shielding links on her site. Why would she be making money from something all targets agree doesn’t work? She is financially divested in disinformation. She said that a few layers of tin foil will help prevent microwave burns on your skin.

She is charging people $150 -$200 for professional consulting in a subject she knows nothing about. She admitted that she only really knew how to copy and paste a procedure for preparing court documents. She is not even a lawyer.

She offers no answers on her site, but perpetuates misleading conspiracies. For example, she discusses implants extensively and how she has located many. She can’t link the implant to the symptoms targets feel. That is why Melanie is having “problems” in court. The things we feel are directed wirelessly. There is no implant causing this. I have been through metal detectors. My attacks are wireless from a satellite.

I have a great deal of respect for this site, conference call and the targeted individuals. That is why I plead with you to take another look. Listen carefully. She is pulling the wool over your eyes. Don’t try and reach for answers and solutions too far. Take things at face value, and not for what you hope for as far as relief.

P.S. I’m really happy she made that mistake on a recorded line with an unknown number of identified callers. She doesn’t know when or where that recording will ever surface again.

May God give you the strength to separate fiction from reality, maintain your core self and elevate your awareness to a higher level.

Karen Melton-Stewart – Ex-NSA whistleblower

Review Criteria for Analysis

Gangstalking acknowledges the false belief and misinforms the reader.

Implants acknowledges the conspiracy and misinforms the reader.

Shielding acknowledges, promotes and misinforms the reader.

Unconfirmed theories / conspiracies acknowledges and misinforms the reader.

Profiting from targeted individuals sells to targeted individuals and public.

Financial drains encourages wasting money by purchasing useless countermeasures.

Venting methods support groups

Helpful tipsshe has recommended recording and documenting all of the harassment but wants access to your computer to download her affidavit. That scares me and makes me suspicious, but documentation is important.


Notes from Conference Call:

On January 23, 2018, I participated in a conference call hosted by Frank at Targeted Massachusetts which featured Karen Melton-Stewart. She claims to be an ex-NSA employee whistleblower and has inside information on Electronic Harassment. She also claims to be a targeted individual and that intelligence agencies are responsible.

Some of the things she mentioned and discussed during the call seemed suspicious. Please find the following points I took note of:

She references Dr. Katherine Horton who at the very least is a fraud. And, maybe a planted intelligence asset to assist in the flow of disinformation.

She condoned the false belief in organized stalking and gangstalking. She claims to have been gang stalked by the NSA directly, and then by civilians. Are there two types of gangstalking that I am not aware of.

She said that gangstalkers aim a little weapon from next door. That’s not true because everything is wireless from a satellite.

She said the Fusion centers directed and managed the gangstalking. How is that possible when gangstalking is an implanted figment of the imagination?

She highly recommended the current trends in shielding. That is of course, the most recent material she claims is effective and that you should run out and buy. We all know that shielding doesn’t work, but she sells shielding on her site.

She told everyone to run out and buy polycarbonate panels to protect themselves.

She indicated the X-ray vest was useful in shielding. I tried that over 10 years ago and it did not work in the slightest.

She also recommended rubber and a Kevlar vest. More pipe dreams and financial drains to waste the targets time running in circles, chasing their tails.

She does acknowledge that there are two weapons pointed at you, but does not recommend two types of shielding to block both and provide relief and freedom from the attacks.

She is full of conspiracies and is adamant that intelligence agencies are responsible. It is more likely that she works for the intelligence agencies, to spread disinformation and promote wild conspiracies to make the Targeted Individual publicly appear delusional and the Intelligence agencies look innocent by default.

She is tied to Dr Katherine Horton and Both are suspicious.

Official Spokespersons:

Midge Mathis – Board Member & Compass-Founder

Jack Christiana – Board Member & Legal Director

Ella Free – Board Member & Director of Promotions

Karen Stewart – Advisory Board Member & Membership

Richard Lighthouse – Advisory Board Member

Connected to

Review Criteria for Analysis

Gangstalking acknowledges the false belief and misinforms the reader.

Unconfirmed theories / conspiracies acknowledges and misinforms the reader. Site is full of fake documents and useless affidavits that will make anyone look delusional who uses them.

Helpful tips The site gives false hope to targets that they are making progress and help is forthcoming.


The site claims to be a nonprofit 403b entity but uses a dot com website. The dot org site was available when I checked at the beginning of the year.

I signed up for their list of victims and emailed them multiple times and got no response. They never contacted me to even confirm they even received my correspondence.

Suspiciously involved in a political incident

Suspiciously had a false ebook published recommending people commit federal crimes by overloading the system with false reports.

The whole site is set up as disinformation and misinformation.

The site claims to be the #1 website for targeted individuals when they don’t return emails or offer helpful tips to survive the onslaught of harassment.

They have a library of useless documents and affidavits.

The list of credible sources is full of “professionals” designed to misinform and reinforce conspiracies so the targeted individual stays overwhelmed, confused and under the false impression that they understand the science and are in control. All of the credible sources will charge you for their time. That is not the proper behavior when dealing with people who are having their lives taken from them. Had they really understood the situation, they would offer their services for free and consider it charity.

Review Criteria for Analysis

Gangstalking acknowledges the false belief and misinforms the reader. Has a fake affidavit from a deceased FBI agent that cannot be verified. Has another document from a medical doctor talking about a subject they have no experience with, gangstalking. Makes no sense.

Unconfirmed theories / conspiracies acknowledges and misinforms the reader. Has a bunch of so called ex-whistleblowers that sound crazy and bitter and unreliable.

Helpful tips – They claim to have a site for uncontested, indisputable and unquestionable evidence. If that was the case, we would be able to enact laws against directed energy weapons and demonstrate to society that this is happening to people.

The site is basically useless and a waste of time. It offers no evidence that would convince a judge or authority figure. It also discusses organized stalking in great detail and that is a constructed and implanted figment of your imagination. You would think that a site dedicated to evidence would know that physical gangstalking does not exist.

Registrant address: Fl, USA

Name on webpage: Moe Hope

Review Criteria for Analysis

Gangstalking acknowledges the false belief and misinforms the reader.

Shielding acknowledges, promotes and misinforms the reader. Robert Stanson is doing business as Targeted Individuals Shielding Products ripping people off.

Unconfirmed theories / conspiracies acknowledges and misinforms the reader.

Profiting from targeted individuals recommends andsells to targeted individuals and public.

Financial drains encourages wasting money by purchasing useless countermeasures.

Venting methods has projects and activities. Has a link to a community toolbox for assistance. Has groups and petitions you can sign up for, but be weary.

Helpful tips – Attempts to connect the targeted individuals into a community. Communication is good but be careful who you give your personal information to.

Etc. They keep asking me to sign up for lists and give my personal information with no promise of receiving something in return.

Also, uses:

Conference Call Moderator: Frank

Review Criteria for Analysis

Gangstalking acknowledges the false belief on the site which misinforms the reader. However, acknowledges verbally that gangstalking is constructed in people’s mind.

Implants acknowledges the conspiracy and misinforms the reader. Has guests discussing implants in great detail with no proof and the claims are not substantiated.

Shielding acknowledges, promotes and misinforms the reader.

Unconfirmed theories / conspiracies acknowledges and misinforms the reader.

Venting methods support groups available and many documents available on the site. However, most seem to be conspiracy driven.

Helpful tips – organized website with support recommendations listed clearly and concisely.

Etc. Seems like a nice guy but has a voice that sounds professional. Does not sell useless countermeasures and methods to block the harassing signal.


Registrant: Proxy LLC

Registrant address: Scottsdale, AZ

Review Criteria for Analysis

Gangstalking acknowledges the false belief and misinforms the reader.

Implants acknowledges the conspiracy and misinforms the reader.

Shielding acknowledges, promotes and misinforms the reader.

Unconfirmed theories / conspiracies acknowledges and misinforms the reader.

Profiting from targeted individuals sells to targeted individuals and public.

Financial drains encourages wasting money by purchasing useless countermeasures.

Venting methods support groups

Helpful tips

Etc.Promotes multiple conspiracies and does extensive reporting on unrelated information.

Recommends a regimen of unneeded and useless advice to alleviate harassment symptoms. Almost set up as a diversion or busy work.

Sells to the public on his site. Misrepresenting assistance as effective.

There are no implants and the site inundates you with information about something that cannot be proved or even connected to wireless harassment.

Attempts to intimidate with technical know how and scary assertions that cannot be proven they are related to electronic or wireless harassment.

Uses the harassment to promote himself or his website which directly contradicts the purpose of the harassment which is to strip you of your identity in hopes of creating a split personality they can use to shift you back and forth and look unbalanced. The theory is dissociative identity disorder.

Sister Keri Burnor, Nectaria Burnor

Review Criteria for Analysis

Gangstalking acknowledges the false belief and misinforms the reader.

Implants acknowledges the conspiracy and misinforms the reader.

Shielding acknowledges, promotes and misinforms the reader.

Unconfirmed theories / conspiracies acknowledges and misinforms the reader.

Profiting from targeted individuals sells to targeted individuals and public.

Financial drains encourages wasting money by purchasing useless countermeasures.

Venting methods support groups

Helpful tips

Etc. Suspiciously changed her name and calls herself the “nun on the run”.

Referred to as “sister”, when she left the church along time ago and is a former nun

Claims nano-technology pixie dust is the source of her harassment which sounds like misleading disinformation

Claims to have escaped harassment and sells or drains financial resources through a DVD that claims love is the answer. She also has a suspicious legal disclaimer protecting her right to peddle lies.

Insists on implants

Blames intelligence services

David Gute is collecting money for her but she can afford to maintain a website of disinformation. Here is his contact info:

815 759 1776

708 247 5637 Voice mail

866 500 2671 Fax

Insists on organized stalking

Registrant name: Deborah Tavares

Registrant Street: P.O. Box 1821, Sebastopol, CA 95473

Registrant Phone: 707 824 9850

Registrant Email:

Review Criteria for Analysis

Gangstalking acknowledges the false belief and misinforms the reader.

Implants acknowledges the conspiracy and misinforms the reader.

Shielding acknowledges, promotes and misinforms the reader.

Unconfirmed theories / conspiracies acknowledges and misinforms the reader.

Profiting from targeted individuals sells to targeted individuals and public.

Financial drains encourages wasting money by purchasing useless countermeasures.

Venting methods support groups

Helpful tips

Etc. The site features a huge list of conspiracies with electronic harassment just being a small percentage. I don’t know how a target could have so much time on their hands to be so knowledgeable about so many different subjects with information not readily available.

Features the fraud, Dr. Katherine Horton and the fraud, Richard Lighthouse.

Displays futile shielding methods as effective when they are nothing more than a waste of money. Has links to purchase them facilitating a waste of money and resources.

Registrant name: Proxy Protection LLC

Registrant Street: CA

Review Criteria for Analysis

Gangstalking acknowledges the false belief and misinforms the reader.

Implants acknowledges the conspiracy and misinforms the reader.

Shielding acknowledges, promotes and misinforms the reader.

Unconfirmed theories / conspiracies acknowledges and misinforms the reader.

Profiting from targeted individuals sells to targeted individuals and public.

Financial drains encourages wasting money by purchasing useless countermeasures.

Venting methods support groups

Helpful tipsnone on the site


Link to Cathy Meadows who knows nothing, just a clinical psychologist

Features shady board members, including John Hall who is a fraud because he is writing about something you need to feel and experience first hand to accurately describe.

Doing extensive 3 stage tests on implant technology which does not apply to the wireless application.

Recommends Dr. John Hall’s book on gangstalking which is falsely constructed in one’s mind. How can he comprehend something you need to feel to believe or no anything about. Without experience, you no know nothing about something you need to feel to describe.

The sites slogan is “Got chipped?” which is disinformation as everything is wireless.

Collects donations and claims to be a tax free non profit organization.

This approach to EH is a waste of time because they are studying implants when everything is wireless. So, they are spinning their wheels for nothing and giving targets false hope that proof is coming.

I would guess the site is set up and maintained as disinformation, as they have not had current studies done since 2012.

Registrant name: EYE-T

Registrant Street: North Lincs GB

The TIA Members

Gary Owens – President & Founders

Paola Fiora – UK President

Magnus Olson – Swedish President

Melanie Vritschan – Belgium President

Peter Mooring – Dutch President

Bonnie S Killerby – USA President

John Hall, Member Advisory

Dwight Mangum – Member USA

Dr. Robert Duncan – USA Advisor

Babak Amirabarhimi – Spanish President

Anthony Ruz- Member Spain

Remegio Balane – Member Philippines

Review Criteria for Analysis

Gangstalking acknowledges the false belief and misinforms the reader. One of the worst websites that describes gangstalking in detail as real when it is flat out false and only constructed in a person’s mind by two idiots with access to a computer connected to a network of satellites.

Implants acknowledges the conspiracy and misinforms the reader. The site has all kinds of nonsense about RFID devices that can’t be linked to anyone’s electronic harassment. They thoroughly stand behind their belief though. A bunch of hooey!

Shielding – they do not discuss shielding anywhere on the site.

Unconfirmed theories / conspiracies acknowledges and misinforms the reader.

Profiting from targeted individuals sells to targeted individuals and public. Has a tab for a TI shop but no items are listed.

Financial drains – I did not see any suggestions to waste money other than their membership.

Venting methods has a petition but I think they publish it online disclosing your privacy. I doubt they will ever turn use the information otherwise.

Helpful tips

Additional notes:

This website is horrible and talks about all sorts of nonsense that desperate targets somehow relate to that scares, disinforms and makes the target look crazy.

I believe all of the members listed above are either delusional or crooked. Their association to weaponized disinformation is suspicious.

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